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  • Sports Fixtures and Results

Sports Fixtures & Results

Please open one of the headings below for sports fixtures and results.

Girls Fixtures Autumn Term 2017

Wednesday 13th September   Netball  U11A  Mayville Pre-Season Festival
  Netball U10 Red PM 7 - 0 Dunhurst
  Netball U10 Blue PM 5 -1 Dunhurst
  Netball U10 Purple PM 1 - 0 Dunhurst
Wednesday 20th September Nteball U11A Dunhurst 2 - 9 PM
  Netball U11B PM 6 - 1 5 St Gabriel's
  Netball U11C PM 5 - 5 St Gabriel's
  Netball U10A PM 6 - 0 Meoncross
  Netball U10C PM 1 - 4 Meoncross
  Netball U10B Dunhurst 0 -1 PM
Thursday 21st September Netball U9A Twyford 9 - 3 PM
  Netball U9B Twyford 12 - 0 PM
  Netball U9C Twyford 3 - 0 PM
  Netball  U8Red  PM 2 - 1 Twyford Festival  
  Netball  U8Blue  PM 1 - 0 Twyford Festival
Wednesday 27th September  Netball  U11A  Hampshire Collegiate Tournament
  Netball  U11B  PM 15 - 0 Ditcham Park 
  Netball  U10C  PM 1 - 0 Ditcham Park
  Netball  U10A  Farleigh Tourament
  Netball  U10B  Farleigh Tournament
Thursday 28th September Netball U9A PM 4 - 1 Hampshire Collegiate
  Netball U9B Portsmouth High School 6 - 0 PM
  Netball U9C Portsmouth High School 0 - 1 PM
  Netball U8Red PM 5 - 1 Hampshire Collegiate
  Netball U8Blue Portsmouth High School 0 - 5 PM
Friday 28th September Football U11A Orchard Junior School 7 - 0 PM
 Wednesday 4th October Netball  U11A  Churcher's 15 - 3 PM
  Netball  U11B  Hampshire Collegiate 4 - 3 PM
  Netball U11C Churcher's College 5 - 4 PM
Thursday 5th October  Netball  U9A  Farleigh (A) 
  Netball  U8Red  Twyford (A)
  Netball U8Blue Twyford (A)
Wednesday 11th October  Netball  U11C  St Swithun's (A)
  Netball  U10A  Farleigh (H) 
  Netball  U10B  Farleigh (H) 
  Netball  U10C  Farleigh (H) 
Thursday 12th October  Netball  U9B  Farleigh (Triangular with HCS) 
  Netball  U9C  Sherborne House (A) 
  Netball U8Blue Sherborne House (A)
Wednesday 1st November Netball  U11A  PM 6 - 2 Hampshire Collegiate
  Hockey  U11B  St Francis Workshop
  Hockey  U11C  St Francis Workshop
  Netball U10A PM 7 - 2 Hampshire Collegiate
Thursday 2nd November Netball  U9A  Alton School High 5 Festival 
 Monday 6th November Swimming  Squad  Farleigh 116 - 145 PM
 Wednesday 8th November Netball  U11B  St Francis 6 - 7 PM
  Netball  U11C  St Francis 3 - 9 PM
  Netball  U10A  Churcher's Touramnet
  Netball  U10B  PGS 3 - 4 PM
Thursday 9th November  Netball  U9A  PGS 5 - 3 PM
  Netball  U9C  PGS 0 - 5 PM
  Netball U8Red Alton School Festival
Wednesday 15th November Netball U11A PM 2 - 20 Sherborne House
  Netball U11B PM 11 - 3 Sherborne House
  Netball U10A  PGS Tournament
  Netball  U10B  PM 3 - 2 Sherborne House
Thursday 16th November  Netball  U9A  PGS Festival
  Netball  U9B  St John's 10 - 0 PM
  Netball  U9C  St John's 2 - 1 PM
Wednesday 22nd November  Hockey  U11A  PGS 1 - 6 PM
  Hockey  U11B  PGS 1 - 1 PM
  Netball U10A  Twyford (Triangular with Cheam) 
  Netball U10B  Twyford (Traingular with Cheam)
Thursday 23rd November Netball U8Red PGS Festvial
  Netball U8Blue PGS 2 - 1 PM
Tuesday 28th November  Swimming  Squad  West Hill Park 119 - 135 PM 
Wednesday 29th November Netball  U11A  Alton School 13 - 6 PM 
  Netball  U11B  Alton School 1 - 12 PM
  Netball  U10A  Alton School 4 - 2 PM 
  Netball  U10C  PM 4 - 1 Dunhurst
Thursday 30th November Netball  U9A  PM 7 - 10 St Swithun's
  Netball  U9B  PM 3 - 2 St Swithun's
  Netball U8Red St Swithun's 3 - 4 PM
  Netball U8Blue St Swithun's 0 - 1 PM
Wednesday 6th December  Hockey  U11A/U11B  House Hockey
  Hockey  U10A/U10B  House Hockey 
Thursday 7th December  Netball  U9A/U9B  House Netball 
  Netball  U8Red/U8Blue  House Netball 

Boys Fixtures Autumn Term 2017

Wednesday 13th September   Football   U11A   Stroud 2 - 2 PM
  Football U11B Stroud 0 - 5 PM
Thursday 14th September Football U9A PM 3 - 1 Sherborne House
  Football U9B PM 3 - 0 Sherborne House
  Football U8Red PM 16 - 0 Sherborne House
  Football U8Blue PM 8 - 0 Sherborne House
Friday 15th September  Football U11A  Ditcham Park Tournament - Runners Up
Wednesday 20th September Football  U11A  PGS Tournament
  Football U10B  Stroud 0 - 7 PM
  Football  U10C  Stroud 0 - 5 PM
Thursday 21st September  Football U9A  Twyford 5 - 2 PM
  Football  U9B  Twyford 5 - 0 PM
  Football  U8Red  Twyford 
  Football  U8Blue  PM 1 - 4 Twyford
Wednesday 27th September  Football U11A  Oakley 0 - 6 PM
    U10A Oakwood Tournament - PM Winners
Thursday 28th September Football  U8Red  Oakwood Festival (A) 
  Football  U8Blue  Oakwood Festival (A) 
Wednesday 4th October Football  U11A  Thornegrove/St Andrew's (A) 
  Football U11B  Thornegrove/St Andrew's (A) 
  Football  U11C  PM 2 - 4 Thornegrove
  Football U11D  PM 1 - 7 Thornegrove
Thursday 5th October Football U9A  Oakwood Festival (A) 
  Football U9B Oakwood Festival (A)
  Football U8Red PGS (H)
  Football U8Blue PGS (H)
  Football U8Purple PGS (H)
Wednesday 11th October  Football U11C  St Francis Tournament 
  Football U11D  St Francis Tournament 
Thursday 12th October Football U11 ISFA National Football Competition  Dunhurst (A)
  Football U9A PM 3 - HCS
  Football U9B PM 3 - 1 HCS
  Football U8Red  Stroud 0 - 2 PM
  Football U8Blue Stroud 0 - 3 PM
  Football U8Purple Sroud 1 - 2 PM
Wednesday 1st November Football U11A PM 7 - 2 St Francis
  Football U11B  PM 15 - 0 St Francis
Thursday 2nd November Football U8Red PM 2 - 1 Hampshire Collegiate School
  Football U8Red PM 1 - 1 Sherborne House
  Football U8Blue PM 4 - 0 Hampshire Collegiate School
  Football U8Blue PM 3 - 0 Sherborne House
  Football U8Purple PM 3 - 0 HCS
Friday 3rd November Football U11A Portway School (A) Hants Cup
Monday 6th November Swimming  Squad  Farleigh (A) 
Wednesday 8th November  Football  U11A  Churcher's Tournament 
  Football  U11D  PM 2 - 0 Pilgrim's
  Football  U10A  PGS Tournament
Thursday 9th November Football U9A Thornegrove - CANCELLED
  Football U9B Thornegrove - CANCELLED
  Football U8Red Thornegrove - CANCELLED
  Football U8Blue Thornegrove - CANCELLED
Friday 10th November Football U8 Daneshill Tournament (A) 
Wednesday 15th November   Football  U11A  PGS 1 - 0 PM
  Football U11B  PGS 0 - 2 PM
  Football  U11C  PGS 0 - 8 PM
  Football U11D PGS 1 - 8 PM
Thursday 16th November  Football  U9A  PGS Festival (A) 
Wednesday 22nd November Football  U11A  PM 2 - 0 Twyford
  Football  U11B  PM 1 - 4 Twyford
  Football U11C  PM 1 - 3 Twyford
  Football U10A Twyford 2 - 2 PM
  Football U10B Twyford 0 - 1 PM
Thursday 23rd November  Football  U9Red PGS Festival
  Fooball  U9Blue PGS Festival
  Football  U8Red  PGS Festival
  Football U8Blue PGS Festival
Tuesday 28th November  Swimming  Squad  West Hill Park 119 - 135 PM
Wednesday 29th November Football U10A PM 1 - 4 West Hill Park
  Football U10B PM 0 - 5 West Hill Park
Thursday 30th November  Football  U9A  Stroud 2 - 4 PM
  Football  U9B  Stroud 0 - 1 PM
Wednesday 6th December Football U11s House Football
Thursday 7th December  Football U9A/U9B  House Football 
  Football  U8Red/U8Blue  House Football 
Wednesday 13th December Rugby  U11s  House Rugby 
Thursday 14th December Rugby U9A/U9B House Rugby
  Rugby U8Red/U8Blue House Rugby

Girls Fixtures Spring Term 2018

Wednesday 10th January   Netball    U11A   PHS 14 - 2 PM
  Netball U11B PHS 2 - 12 PM
  Netball U11C PHS 3 - 18 PM
Thursday 11th January Lacrosse      U9A Workshop v PHS (H)
  Lacrosse U9B Workshop v PHS (H)
  Lacrosse U9C Workshop v PHS (H)
  Netball U8Red   Sherborne House 3 - 1 PM
  Netball U8Blue Sherborne House 1 - 0 PM
Monday 15th January Gala Squad Twyford 152 - 130 PM
Wednesday 17th January Netball U11B PM 5 - 4 Meoncross
  Netball U10A PM 18 - 6 Meoncross
  Netball U10B    Farleigh 4 - 1 PM
Monday 22nd January Gala Squad Godolphin 66 - 102 PM
Wednesday 24th January Netball U11A PGS Tournament - CANCELLED
  Hockey U11Red Alton - CANCELLED
  Hockey U11Blue Alton - CANCELLED
  Hockey U10Red Alton - CANCELLED
  Hockey U10Blue  Alton - CANCELLED
Thursday 25th January Lacrosse  U8Red    Workshop - Alton
  Lacrosse U8Blue      Workshop - Alton
Wednesday 31st January Netball  U11A  Twyford Tournament
  Netball U11B  Mayville 13 - 3 PM
  Netball U11C  PM 4 - 9 Twyford
  Netball U10A  St Swithuns 15 - 8 PM 
  Hockey U10B  Twyford 3 - 2 PM
  Netball U10C St Swithun's 1 - 3 PM
Thursday 1st February Netball U9A PM 14 - 3 Mayville
Monday 5th February Gala Squad St Swithun's (A) 
Wednesday 7th February Hockey  U11A  HCS 4 - 0 PM
  Hockey U10A  HCS 6 - 2 PM
  Hockey U11\U10 HCS 7 - 2 PM
  Netball U10B PM 0 - 11 St Gabriels
  Netball U10C  PM 3- 13 St Gabriels
Thursday 8th February Netball U9A  Stroud 1 - 10 PM
  Netball  U9B  Stroud 7 - 1 PM
  Neball  U9C  Stroud 6 - 0 PM
  Netball U8Red PM 6 - 0 St Swithun's
  Netball U8Blue PM 2 - 0 St Swithun's
Wednesday 21st February   Neball  U11A  Prince's Mead Tournament
Thursday 22nd February Netball U9B St Swithun's 0 -2 PM
  Netball U9C St Swithun's 1 - 2 PM
  Netball  U8Red  Churcher's Festival
  Netball U8Blue  Churcher's Festival
Wedesday 28th February Hockey  U11B  Meoncross - CANCELLED
  Hockey U11C  Meoncross - CANCELLED
  Hockey U10A  Ditcham Park - CANCELLED
  Hockey U10B  Ditcham Park - CANCELLED
  Hockey U10C  Boundary Oak - CANCELLED
Thursday 1st March Lacrosse U9A Workshop - Sherborne House - CANCELLED
  Lacrosse U9B Workshop - Sherborne House - CANCELLED
  Cross Country U11 Thorngrove - CANCELLED
  Cross Country U9 Thorngrove - CANCELLED
Wednesday 7th March Netball U11A IAPS Queen Anne's
  Netball U11C PM 6 - 5 Sherborne House
  Netball U11B Mayville Wessex League Tournament
  Netball U10A PM 4 - 6 Sherborne House
  Netball U10B PM 0 - 4 Sherborne House
Wednesday 14th March Netball U11 House Netball - CHESTNUT Winners
  Netball U10 House Netball - OAK Winners
Thursday 15th March Lacrosse U9 House Lacrosse - CHESTNUT Winners
  Lacrosse U8 House Lacrosse - BEECH Winners
Monday 19th March Gala Squad Farleigh (A)

Boys Fixtures Spring Term 2018

Monday 15th January  Gala   Squad   Twyford 152 - 130 PM
Wednesday 17th January   Rugby   U11A Boundary Oak 5 - 15 PM
  Rugby U11B PM 35 - 25 Churcher's CJS
  Rugby U10A Boundary Oak 0 - 15 PM
Thursday 18th January Rugby U9A PM 20 - 25 Twyford B
  Ruby U9B PM 65 - 40 Twyford C
  Rugby U8Red Twyford 40 - 30 PM
  Rugby U8Blue   Twyford 65 - 50 PM
  Rugby U8Purple Twyford 55 - 65 PM
Wednesday 24th January Rugby  U11A 7's triangular v St Francis - CANCELLED 
  Rugby U11B 7's triangular v St Francis - CANCELLED
  Rugby U10A St Francis - CANCELLED
  Rugby U10B St Francis - CANCELLED
Thursday 25th January Rugby U9A PM 30 - 55 PGS
  Rugby U9B PM 35 - 65 PGS
  Rugby U8 Oakwood Tag Rugby Festival
Wednesday 31st January Rugby U11A PM 10 - 50 PGS
  Rugby U11B PM 30 - 60 PGS
  Rugby U10A  PM 20 - 15 PGS
  Rugby U10A PM 5 - 20 Aldro
  Rugby U10B  PM 0 - 60 PGS 
  Rugby U10B PM 0 - 40 Aldro
Thursday 1st February Rugby  U9A  Thorngrove 75 - 60 PM
  Rugby U9B  Thorngrove 40 - 40 PM
  Rugby U8Red  Thorngrove 40 - 70 PM
  Rugby U8Blue  Thorngrove 70 - 90 PM
Monday 5th February Gala Squad  St Swithun's (A) 
Wednesday 7th February  Rugby  U11A  Boundary Oak 7s
  Rugby U11B  PM 30 - 10 Stroud
  Rugby U10A  PM 20 - 25 Stroud
  Rugby U10B  PM 15 - 50 Stroud
Thursday 8th February Rugby  U9A  Stroud 20 - 30 PM 
  Rugby U9B  Stroud 75 - 60 PM
  Rugby U8Red  Stroud 35 - 35 PM
  Rugby U8Blue  Stroud 60 - 60 PM
Wednesday 21st February Rugby U11A  Churchers 7s
  Rugby U11B  PM 30 - 40 Sherborne House
  Rugby U11C PM 30 - 50 Sherborne House
  Rugby U10A  PM 50 - 5 Sherborne House
  Rugby U10B  PM 80 - 60 Sherborne House
  Rugby U10C PM 20 - 0 Sherborne House
Thursday 22nd February Rugby  U9A  PM 30 - 50 Churcher's CJS
  Rugby U9B  PM 25 - 55 Churcher's CJS 
  Rugby U8Red  Churcher's CJS 65 - 65 PM
  Rugby U8Blue  Churcher's CJS 65 - 50 PM
Wednesday 28th February   Rugby  U11A Prince's Mead 7s (H) 
  Rugby U11B Prince's Mead 7s - CANCELLED
  Rugby  U10A PGS 7s - CANCELLED
  Rugby  U10B  PGS 7s - CANCELLED
Thursday 1st March Rugby  U9A Prince's Mead Festival - CANCELLED
  Rugby  U9B Prince's Mead Festival - CANCELLED
  Rugby  U8 House Rugby - CANCELLED
  Cross Country U11 Thorngrove - CANCELLED
  Cross Country U9 Thorngrove - CANCELLED
Wednesday 7th March Rugby  U11A PGS 7s Bowl Winners
  Rugby  U10A Prince's Mead 7s - 2nd
  Rugby  U10B Prince's Mead 7s - 4th
Thursday 8th March Rugby  U9A PGS Festival (A) 
  Rugby  U8Red Prince's Mead Festival (H) 
  Rugby  U8Blue Prince's Mead Festival (H) 
Wednesday 14th March Rugby  U11  House Rugby  - OAK Winners
  Rugby U10  House Rugby  - BEECH Winners
Thursday 15th March Rugby  U9  House Rugby  - BEECH Winners
  Rugby U8Red PGS Festival
  Rugby U8Blue PGS Festival
Monday 19th March Gala Squad Farleigh (A)

Girls Fixtures Summer Term 2018

Please note fixtures may be added/updated before the Summer Term commences.

Wednesday 25th April         Rounders  U11A   Sherborne House (H)
  Rounders U11B Sherborne House (H)
  Rounders U10A Sherborne House (H)
  Rounders U10B Sherborne House (H)
Thursday 26th April Rounders U9A Sherborne House (H)
  Rounders    U9B Sherborne House (H)
  Rounders U9C Sherborne House (H)    
  Cross Country U9/U8 Oakwood (A)
Friday 27th April Cross Country  U11/U10 Oakwood (A)
Wednesday 2nd May Cricket  U11A  West Hill Park (A) 
  Rounders U11B  West Hill Park (A) 
  Rounders  U10A  West Hill Park (H) 
  Rounders U10B  West Hill Park (H) 
Thursday 3rd May Rounders  U9A  HCS (A) 
  Rounders U8Red    HCS (A) 
Friday 4th May Rounders U11A IAPS - Hazelgrove (A)
Wednesday 9th May Rounders  U11A  St John's College (H) 
  Rounders U11B St John's College (H) 
  Rounders U10A  Ditcham Park School (A) 
  Rounders U10B  Ditcham Park School (A) 
Thursday 10th May Rounders  U9A  St John's College (A) 
  Rounders U8Red  St John's College (A) 
Wednesday 16th May Sailing U11/U10  IAPS Sailing Regatta 
  Cricket U11A West Hill Park School (A)
  Rounders U11B  Churcher's College (A) 
  Rounders U11C Churcher's College (A)
  Rounders U10A HCS (H)
Monday 21st May Swim Gala  Squad  Godolphin (A) 
Wednesday 23rd May Rounders  U11B  Thorngrove School (H) 
  Rounders U10B  Thorngrove School (H) 
Thursday 24th May Rounders  U8Red  Thorngrove School (A) 
  Rounders U8Blue  Thorngrove School (A) 
Monday 11th June     Hampshire Hardball Pairs Tournament (A) PGS
Wednesday 13th June Rounders  U11A  PHS (H) 
  Rounders U11B  PHS (H) 
  Rounders U11C  PHS (H) 
  Rounders U10A  PHS (A) 
  Rounders U10B  PHS (A) 
  Rounders U10C  PHS (A) 
Thursday 14th June Rounders  U9A  PHS (H) 
  Rounders U9B  PHS (H) 
  Rounders U8Red  PHS (H) 
Wednesday 20th June Cricket  U11A  Boundary Oak School (A) 
  Rounders U11B  St Gabriel's School (H) 
  Cricket U10A  Boundary Oak (A) 
  Rounders U10B  St Gabriel's School (H) 
Thursday 21st June Cricket  U8  Workshop - Boundary Oak (A) 
Sunday 24th June Triathlon   West Hill Park Triathlon
Wednesday 27th June Rounders U11A Stroud School (A)
  Rounders U11B  Stroud School (A) 
  Rounders  U10A  Stroud School (H) 
  Rounders U10B  Stroud School (H) 
  Sailing   SWAC Sailing Regatta
Thursday 28th June Athletics  U11/U10    Dunhurst Quadkids Athletics (A) 
  Rounders U9A  Twyford School  
  Rounders  U9B  Twyford School  
  Rounders U8Red  Twyford School 
  Rounders U8Blue  Twyford School 
Wednesday 4th July Rounders  U11  House Rounders (H) 
  Rounders U10 House Rounders (H)
Thursday 5th July Rounders U9 House Rounders (H)
  Rounders U8 House Rounders (H)
Wednesday 11th July Netball U11/U10 Training (H)
Thursday 12th July Netball U9/U8 Training (H)

Boys Fixtures Summer Term 2018

Please note fixtures may be added/updated before the Summer Term commences.  

Wednesday 25th April    Cricket   U11A    Sherborne House (A)    
  Cricket U11B Sherborne House (H)
  Cricket U11C Sherborne House (H)
Thursday 26th April Cricket U8Red Sherborne House (H)
  Cricket U8Blue Sherborne House (H)
  Cross Country U9/U8 Oakwood (A)
Friday 27th April Cross Country   U11/U10   Oakwood (A)
Wednesday 2nd May Cricket U11A West Hill Park School (A)
  Cricket U11B West Hill Park School (A)
  Cricket U11C West Hill Park School (H)
  Cricket U11D West Hill Park School (H)
Thursday 3rd May Cricket U9A HCS (A)
  Cricket U8Red HCS (A)
Wednesday 9th May Cricket U11A St John's College (H)
  Cricket U11C St John's College (H)
Thursday 10th May Cricket  U9A St John's College (A)
  Cricket U9B St John's College (A)
Wednesday 16th May Sailing U11/U10 IAPS Sailing Regatta 
  Cricket U11A  Churcher's College (H) 
  Cricket U11B  Churcher's College (H) 
Wednesday 23rd May Cricket  U11A  Thorngrove School (A) 
  Cricket U11B  Thorngrove School (H) 
  Cricket U11C  Thorngrove School (A) 
  Cricket U11D  Thorngrove School (H) 
Thursday 24th May Cricket  U9A  Thorngrove School (A) 
  Cricket U9B  Thorngrove School (A) 
  Cricket  U8Red  Thorngrove School (A) 
  Cricket U8Blue  Thorngrove School (A) 
Monday 11th June     Hampshire Hardball Pairs Tournament (A) PGS
Wednesday 13th June Cricket  U11A  PGS (H) 
  Cricket U11B  PGS (H) 
  Cricket U11C  PGS (A) 
  Cricket U11D PGS (A)
Thursday 14th June Cricket U8Red PGS (A)
  Cricket U8Blue PGS (A)
Wednesday 20th June Cricket U11A Boundary Oak (H)
  Cricket U11B  Boundary Oak (H) 
  Cricket U11C  Boundary Oak (H) 
  Cricket U11D  Boundary Oak (A)
Thursday 21st June Cricket  U9B  Boundary Oak (A) 
Sunday 24th June Triathlon   West Hill Park Triathlon
Wednesday 27th June Cricket  U11A  Stroud (H) 
  Cricket U11B Stroud (H)
  Cricket  U11C Stroud (A)
  Cricket U11D Stroud (A)
  Sailing   SWAC Sailing Regatta
Thursday 28th June Athletics   U11/U10 Dunhurst Quadkids Athletics (A)
Wednesday 4th July Cricket U11 House Cricket
  Cricket U10 House Cricket
Thursday 5th July Cricket U9 House Cricket
  Cricket U8 House Cricket
Wednesday 11th July Football U11/U10 Training
Thursday 12th July Football U9/U8 Training

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