Month: May 2020

Self-declaration form for return to school

28th May 20

For our returning parents; The Covid self-declaration form is to be found on the Engage Parent Portal here:  Please fill out the form and email before start of school on Monday 1st June. Thank you.

Prince’s Mead School Virtual Tour

24th May 20

We are proud to present our virtual tour film so you can find a bit more about what makes Prince’s Mead School so special. We would have loved to have given you a personal tour but alas, we have been unable to. We hope that this gives you a small insight into what we do…

People coming together as a community can make things happen

24th May 20

It hardly seems possible that half term is already upon us, yet over the past weeks, Prince’s Mead pupils have achieved so much and all from the confines of their homes. The 2,000 hours of Zoom video lessons that we are delivering each week have been a hive of activity and productivity, where energetic and…

Headmaster’s Notes: Everything is interconnected.

17th May 20

Everything is interconnected. I remain very mindful of the challenges we are facing as a result of the pandemic; my thoughts remain very much with you all as we continue to work so hard to ensure that the education and welfare of our children continue to be prioritised, both inside and outside of the virtual…

Headmaster’s Notes: History is written by the victors

8th May 20

History is written by the victors On 8th May 1945, Prime Minister Winston Churchill made his Victory in Europe speech, in which he officially announced the unconditional surrender of Germany and the end of the Second World War in Europe. And here we are, 75 years on. Our generation has thankfully not known the horrors…

Headmaster’s Notes: Absence makes the heart grow fonder

5th May 20

Absence makes the heart grow fonder I am very conscious that Prince’s Mead households across Winchester have again been hives of academic activity and productivity this past week. Teaching staff have certainly thrown everything at their live lessons and continue to think of exciting ways to engage our pupils whilst working remotely. We hope we…