After Prince’s Mead

Prince’s Mead has a strong history of success in preparing its pupils for entry to senior school education, schools both near and far, day and boarding. Each academic year, our Year 6 pupils have been offered places in at least fifteen different schools.

The Headmaster and teachers work closely with parents throughout a child’s journey through the school, to find out what our parents are looking for in senior education and then advising them which school is the most likely to suit their child and fulfill their needs. We have a proven track record in this area and are delighted when we hear positive feedback from so many of our old pupils, indicating that the right advice has been given and appropriate choices have been made.

In keeping with our motto, ‘Preparing the Children of Today for the Opportunities of Tomorrow’ we do not ‘hot house’ our younger pupils but allow them to develop and grow appropriate to their age and skills. Finally, following years of careful and appropriate academic input, work in Years 5 and 6 focuses on the formal preparation for senior school entrance examinations, culminating in a carefully planned programme of practice tests in English, Mathematics, Science, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning. Our results speak for themselves; our pupils have been awarded places at many of the leading senior schools in the country and academic, sports, music, art and drama scholarships have all been achieved in recent years. Some of these schools include Wycombe Abbey, Millfield, Downe House, King Edward VI, Cheltenham Ladies College, Lord Wandsworth College and St. Gabriel’s, Newbury.

Every year, a number of pupils enter one of the local state senior schools in the area, where we find that the strong conscientious attitude we have instilled in our children, stands all our 11 year olds in very good stead.

Tomorrow, who will your child be?

“He’s curious about the world …. asks questions all the time” – Research Scientist?

“She defends her ideas well and forcefully!” – Lawyer?

“He persuades you with very good arguments” – Politician?

“She can think outside the box” – Creative Director?

“He negotiates well and builds on others’ ideas” – Corporate Manager?

“She listens and cares deeply about the world” – Global Ecologist?


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