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General Testimonials


I write to congratulate you all for the wonderful Assembly last Friday to commemorate the sacrifice of war. It was such a thoughtful, educational and moving tribute. It was a wonderful history lesson as well as being hugely poignant.

Thank you for inviting me to give the dentistry talk to Year 4. It was a pleasure to spend time with them and help them put their learning into practice. I was struck (and proud) by the politeness that many of the children showed towards me, without prompting. Their enthusiasm and intelligent questions are inspiring…

Former Governor – Revd. Bill Matthews – Team Rector, Wigan and All Saints Team, Liverpool Diocese

Please accept my congratulations on the wonderful result of Prince’s Mead’s recent inspection.  There is no doubt in my mind that a great deal of work went into the School’s preparation for the inspection but I am utterly confident that the inspectors have seen the School as it is. It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows the School as everyone constantly strives for the very highest standards in every aspect of the School’s life.  What happens in Prince’s Mead will provide a sound foundation for the future life and learning of both staff and students.  The quality of everyone’s life is enhanced and I believe that this is due in no small measure to the Christian ethos of the School.


A comment from a prospective parent:

“Thank you for arranging our visit. We both came away having fallen in love with Prince’s Mead. Our expectations were high just from reading the prospectus and ISI report, but to actually see the children in class, and to experience the atmosphere in school was wonderful.”

“My husband and I attended the Open Day on Friday Afternoon and were very impressed by the school and more importantly the pupils. The pupils were a testament to the values and ethos of your prospectus and far exceeded our expectations. The school and parents must be very proud of these young people.”

Comments from new parents:

“Just a note to say how pleased we are with our daughter’s progress. She is motivated to get on with her homework and often gets all of it done within 20 minutes and increasingly is getting the majority of the extension done too. A year ago I really thought I might be going mad. All my instincts told me that I had a bright daughter, yet her previous school was telling me that they didn’t know how to teach her. It was a very difficult time for our family. Prince’s Mead took her in, recognise her talents, work with her challenges and most of all nurture her, so that she wants to learn and has some (still fragile) self-belief.”

“This has been an amazing year for our daughter and we are so glad we have entrusted our lovely girl to the amazing staff at Prince’s Mead. Not only can we see the changes that have occurred in just three terms – such as her joy at going to school and her increased love of learning but more importantly how proud she is of herself of how she is developing. I vividly remember the day when you told us that at Prince’s Mead you look at each child and find what they are good at and what makes them tick – you have certainly done that and much more.”

“As new parents to the school, the Fireworks night was our first social event and I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how impressed my wife and I were by it all. We’ve both been bowled over by how friendly and welcoming everyone has been, and more importantly how at home our son feels after only 8 weeks at Prince’s Mead.”

“The teaching staff are first class… we have been impressed by the wide range of opportunities available….   The school has a fantastic atmosphere and is also a fun place to be with great enery.  Thank you.”

“Starting a new school can be an emotional journey but the Form Teacher, Sports Department staff along with children in the class and other members of staff have and continue to be amazing. Everyone is really helpful and reassuring and the communication has been fantastic. Our daughter is a different child since she came to Prince’s Mead and I think all staff and Class Reps are marvelous.”

“We have been impressed with the School’s welcoming atmosphere and the supportive environment which we have felt from our first day at Prince’s Mead. There are multiple excellently organised, channels of communication between the School and the parents, so we, as parents feel involved and informed.”

“Very impressed with the Reception Curriculum Evening. Mrs Leonard and Mrs Edmunds went out of their way to make the presentation very personal with lots of fabulous photos of our children happy at school. I found it to be informative and emotionally very comforting, reassuring me that this was the best school for my child.”

“I just wanted to thank you for everything that has been done to help our daughter settle in to Prince’s Mead.  She has had a really great start and I know she has no regrets about leaving her old school.  She has made lots of friends and heads off to school looking cheerful every morning.  It is so reassuring to know that she is well understood and I wish we had handed her over to you a long time ago!”

“I wanted to say how fantastic we think the teaching and care at Prince’s Mead is. We have had experience of two other prep schools in the past three years and we feel that without doubt Prince’s Mead offers the best style of teaching and the best learning environment. The children at Prince’s Mead always look happy and seem to enjoy their learning and I know that my daughter does not even believe me that she is learning as ‘it is just fun’. The other schools that we have been involved with have not followed the whole child approach, they have taught in very traditional ways and we think Prince’s Mead shows in its teaching method that you can provide an outstanding all round education and a happy school environment through a more rounded and tailored approach. Children need to be encouraged and to feel confident in order to learn and to feel part of something and from what we have seen Prince’s Mead manages to do this very effectively on every level. We are delighted that our children have the opportunity to go to such a wonderful school every day and be part of the Prince’s Mead family.”

Comments from existing parents:

“I don’t really know where to start with our thanks for the amazing transformation that Prince’s Mead has brought about in our daughter over the past two years. An unhappy little girl when she started at Prince’s Mead she is now unrecognisable. She has flourished academically, artistically and socially and she begins the next stage of her education with great confidence and good friends. I would like to thank everyone involved over the last two years. There is a very special atmosphere at Prince’s Mead which comes from the entire team of people who work there.”

“A huge thank you to everyone for providing such an experience and a solid positive foundation to our sons personal development. It is a wonderful school. I mentioned the magic of the school we felt when we first joined and that feeling has remained throughout. The new school has a lot to live up to!”

“I just wanted to congratulate you and all your team for achieving such a great ISI inspection report.  You all give so much to the school and it is exciting to see all that hard work and commitment being recognised, not only by the Prince’s Mead community but from outside inspectors.”

“Just wanted to say how thrilled we are at the amazing report the inspectors wrote on Prince’s Mead.  As we all know it is the best school in the Universe but how wonderful to see that the independent inspectors were able to see that too.  Huge congratulations to you and all the teaching and other staff.”

“Once again very impressed with the standard of all the Christmas celebrations, the Cathedral Service, the Christmas Concert and the Nativity, a lovely way to build up to the holidays and lovely to showcase the children’s musical and acting abilities.
We like the way the School Council is rotated and run and how it includes all children in all positions of accountability. It has been really good to see – they have really enjoyed being a part of the Council.”

I wanted to thank you all for the very skilled preparation you have given our daughter and all the children. She has come to the end of her exams and it feels the right time to say a huge thank you and how appreciative we are of the whole support. I have been so impressed at the pace of your preparation and how you have prepared them so thoroughly. Our daughter has taken it all in her stride, she is buoyant and happy and whatever the outcome, she has had a fabulous learning experience.

“Just a note to say how fantastic I thought the leadership of the boys football was this afternoon. The recognition and encouragement of every positive thing they did was so heartwarming to see and hear, and so clearly successful in motivating and uplifting the boys. I personally can’t imagine there is a better way of getting a bunch of spirited 7 year olds to fall even more in love with sport than under the type of leadership showed today.”

“We so enjoyed the Curriculum Evening this week – our children are so lucky!”

“Our three children – two sons and a daughter – have all attended the school. In our view, it attains high academic standards without compromising standards of Pastoral care of the children.

Put simply, Prince’s Mead is a great place to learn in a competitive but fun environment in a beautiful setting . The older children mix with, and help, the younger ones as if they were their own brothers or sisters, creating a lovely atmosphere.
Sport is taken seriously in the magnificent grounds. Winning is important – but not all important – and everyone gets a chance to take part at some level.
The regular Friday family assemblies are a reflection of the school. Sports and academic achievements are recognised and house competition marks revealed to howls of joy amidst a mix of song, plays, talks, prayer and hymns.
All this is down to a caring team of quality teachers led by the best, most compassionate headmistress we have ever had the good fortune to meet.
This may sound a little over the top – but our children would all say the same things about the school. Go and visit and find out for yourselves.”


“Just a quick note to say a huge “THANK YOU” for putting on pirate day today. My daughter has absolutely loved the whole experience. She has enjoyed showing me all her goodies from the day including the authentic leather pouch, bandana and chocolate money. Please also extend my thanks to Mr James’ twin brother – Pirate Jack – he has obviously done a wonderful job, although she has tried to convince me that Mr James doesn’t actually have a twin brother (I don’t know what she is talking about!!!).  I popped into street dance this afternoon and it was lovely to see so many pirates dancing around in such wonderful costumes.  All your imagination and hard work is so very much appreciated when I am greeted at the end of the day by a tired but deliriously happy child….thank you!”


“I wanted to write to you to highlight the amazing support Miss Williams (Head of Music) has been. He was shortlisted to audition for a music scholarship at King Edward V1  and when I mentioned this to Miss Williams she instantly offered to help. Both the instruments that he played in the audition are tutored outside of school but she still arranged a number of extra practice sessions with him. Furthermore she gave up last Saturday morning to personally accompany him rather than him have an unfamiliar accompanist on the day. To be able to go into this audition with someone familiar by his side and with the support of his school meant that he was relaxed and able to give his very best performance.  It is this level of dedication to pupils that makes Prince’s Mead very special.”

“Just a quick email to say congratulations on getting everyone to their first choice of school. We have been so impressed with Prince’s Mead, Kitty was saying this morning how happy she is and all the fun she has there, we shall be sorry to go and just wish it continued to 18!! It is such an amazing school. We often hear about other schools in the area and the various frustrations from parents, so it is lovely to be at a school that is so well run and pitches the balance just right between work and play. It is definitely a school for the children and yet still promotes a good work ethos without losing the element of fun and interest. Also I do think the feedback is excellent and shows the time and effort all the staff put in to thinking about any issues raised. So thank you , an amazing job well done!”

“A lovely school that has given my sons a great start in life. I cannot thank you all enough!”

“The structure and delivery of teaching is exceptional. The support and direction provided to my daughter provides a fantastic environment to encourage her to learn and make the process fun and engaging.”

“There is a real diverse range of after school activities provided, and all children are encouraged to take part in them. I went into school early one evening and the buzz around the school was amazing. It gave me such a warm feeling to see so many happy contented children.”

“Very pleased with how well our son has settled and his academic progress since joining Prince’s Mead. His reading and writing have developed beyond my expectations considering these were areas in which he had previously shown little interest in developing.”


“Prince’s Mead creates a warm and happy environment in which children are encouraged to develop as individuals while learning how to respect one another as part of a community.”

EYFS Workshop Testimonials

“We thought the workshop was really fantastic and a lot of fun for the children.”

“I really enjoyed the workshop…. it is such a lovely idea and was fantastic to participate in the morning with the children and ‘see them in action’.  It was great to see how much they have gained already, both in terms of confidence and independence.  Thank you.”

“Thank you for a lovely morning.  I very much enjoyed the opportunity to meet some of the other teachers and gain some more insights into how my son engages with the curriculum at school.”

“This is such a good idea!  It was great to be able to see first hand some of what the children get up to during the day – we often hear a little about it at home!  A lovely wide range of activities to choose from.”

“A lovely morning and a wonderful insight into life at school – what fun!”

“It was a wonderful experience watching the children confidently and enthusiastically showing us all the fun activities and the different areas of the school.  My son very much enjoyed being the ‘teacher’ and was looking forward to the morning all week!”

“Lovely to be able to come into the classroom and be part of Prince’s Mead life. We loved the session mainly because our son was so pleased to be albe to show us around and so some activities together. Before he started school he showed little interest in arts and crafts. Thank you for capturing his interest.”

“I thought the parent workshop was a great opportunity to see first hand what the children have been learning and how they have understood this. It was helpful to see them in their own environment and see them actively involved in role play.”

Grandparents' Tea Testimonials

“We are writing to say how much we have enjoyed being invited to so many enjoyable and happy occasions and celebrations at Prince’s Mead. Our granchildren have benefited enormously from all the encouragement and care you and all the staff have given. What has impressed us most is the fun and happiness that is mixed with superb education which will be a foundation for life. Thank you so much for all you and your staff have done.”

“Thank you so much for a lovely Grandparents Tea. Your talk and powerpoint presentation is such a super snap-shot of all the wonders Prince’s Mead offers our lucky grandchildren. Please pass on my thanks to your wonderful and inspirational staff; where else would Zorro help you park your car, a tiger discuss Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and James Bond allow a grandmother to be Miss Moneypenny?”

“I came away so overwhelmed with all aspects of your lovely school, I cannot get over the lovely family atmosphere, the facilities that you provide with such friendly staff. I think the idea of tea for grandparents is a splendid idea, not only that the girls were given the opportunity to show us around, but I met some very nice grandparents. Your speech was so appropriate and very thought provoking. What lucky girls and boys they all are to be at Prince’s Mead.”

“You have a gem of a school, and your polite, friendly and vibrant pupils and staff are a credit to you. You warmed our hearts.”

“It was so satisfying to see my little grand-daughter in her Reception Class, just starting out on her school life with you all, and to have her sweet company to show me around. It is a precious memory that causes me to smile and always will.”

“I loved seeing all the girls and boys thoroughly absorbed in school life and thriving in such a happy atmosphere. You always make us feel so welcome and it is fascinating meeting other grandparents and ‘comparing’ notes about our grandchildren – boasting!”

“I was so pleased to hear the children learn the Lords Prayer, sing hymns and have a Nativity Play – unfortunately so many children have no idea what Christmas and Easter are about.”