Prince’s Mead Association

The Prince’s Mead Association plays a central role at the school, welcoming new parents, sharing information, leading fundraising efforts and running events that bring together the whole school community.

Every parent with a child at the school automatically becomes a member of the PMA. It is run by a voluntary body of parents and teachers and headed up by a parent as the Chairman, a position that is usually held for two years but can be longer. The PMA organises a range of activities that both support the school and enable parents to meet socially.

We welcome parents into school at numerous times each term.  Our weekly whole school assembly, ‘Friday Prayers’ is supported by many parents participating in morning worship, celebrating achievements and supporting class assemblies. Regular drop-in mornings are organised, giving parents an opportunity to visit all the classrooms giving an insight into the work of the school.  We also welcome parents to support their children and the school at sports matches (both home and away) throughout the term.  Tea-time concerts are also an opportunity to support children learning instruments as they perform in a more informal and relaxed setting.

Please click on one of the headings below to read how as a parent and member of the PMA you can be involved in school life.

PMA Committee 2018/2019

Mr Peter Thacker President
Emma Bowyer Chair
Charlotte Bellfield Treasurer
Emma Sadler Secretary
Kate Mayes Class Reps Co-ordinator
Becky Gosling Second Hand Uniform Shop
Louise Hodson Staff Representative
Jules Jones Committee Member
Amy Vincent Committee Member
Jo Jack Committee Member
Kate Shepherd Committee Member
Andrea Lyndon Committee Member
Katja Osgood Committee Member
Lucy Bruce Jones Committee Member
Nicky Griffey Committee Member
Nic Holroyd Committee Member
Caroline Boyd Committee Member

Class Representatives

Each class has one or two parents who volunteer to represent the parents in their child’s form for a year. This is primarily a social function and representatives are encouraged to hold one to two get-togethers for their fellow parents at least once a term. They are also called upon to support and help at other PMA social and fund-raising events i.e. Christmas Market, Firework Night and the annual fund raiser for the school in India. In addition, representatives may be asked to support the class teacher in enlisting parental assistance with particular activities such as outings or costumes for different events. A member of the PMA committee oversees the system and circulates a list of ‘Class Representatives’ to parents.

2018/2019 Class Representatives

Co-Ordinator: Kate Mayes

RL – Sarah Dryden-Brownlee
RO – Jen Smith
1W – Emma Gimpel
2F – Camilla Perrella
2H – Liza Hunt
3C – Clare Tomlinson
3D – Sophie Hill
4M – Louise Kan
4Me – Olive Penton
5M – Leigh Astur
5T – Sarah-Jayne Tucker
6A – Alex Pettinati
6J – Beccy Ford/Jo Jack
6W – Becky Gosling

Second Hand Uniform


Purpose and Objectives

The Prince’s Mead Association (PMA) is responsible for running the 2nd hand uniform shop (the Shop), which is staffed by volunteers from within the PMA. The purpose of the Shop is to provide an efficient and cost-effective means for parents to sell and/or purchase used stocks of Prince’s Mead uniform and equipment.

Payment Terms

Parents will earn 50% of the sale price of any stock sold on their behalf, with payouts being made once a minimum amount of £10 has been earned. The remaining 50% will be for the account of the PMA. Payouts will be made at intervals during each school term. No payouts will be made to parents in relation to any stock which remains unsold after the 2 year maximum stock period has expired, or stocks received unlabelled. The PMA does not guarantee that any uniform or equipment provided by parents to the Shop will be sold.

Arrangements for Delivery of new stock items

(a) Strung labels can be obtained from the Shop, from the School’s reception, or by e-mailing one of the parent contact details below (these will be placed in an envelope and sent home via your child’s school bag). When e-mailing requests for labels please clearly identify the no of labels required and your child’s name and class.

(b) On each label please write down: (i) your full name and phone number; (ii) the item (e.g. jumper or skirt); (iii) the size; (iv) the date.

(c) Tie the label securely to the items and bring into school, depositing them at the Shop when it is open, or in the box labelled for uniforms situated near the Shop.

(d) The item will then be priced and placed for sale in the Shop.

Maximum Duration Stock Held

Uniform stock will be held for a maximum of 2 years from the date first deposited with the Shop, and thereafter the PMA reserve the right to dispose of any stock which remains unsold. No payouts will be made to parents in relation to any stock which remains unsold after the 2 year maximum stock period has expired.

Shop Opening Times

The Shop opening times are published in the Link and on the PMA Noticeboard at the front of the school.

Payment Methods

The preferred method of payment is by EFT (Electronic Bank Transfer). You will be notified by email when your account is due to be credited.

Privacy Policy

Details of addresses, phone numbers and bank accounts will be held securely, and will only be used to process payments to you or to contact you on legitimate Shop business. Your personal information will not be provided to any other third party, other than with your express authorisation for banking purposes only.

Returns and Refunds

Clothing may be taken away to be tried on at home. You will be asked to make payment in advance, but unsuitable items may be returned within 1 week, provided they still have the tag on, have not been worn, and remain in a clean condition.

Contact Details

Becky Gosling: Email:


These terms and conditions may be changed at the discretion of the PMA. Although reasonable care will be taken to ensure that the uniform and equipment provided by parents are kept securely stored and undamaged whilst in the Shop, the uniform and equipment will be left at the Shop or in the receptacles provided by the Shop at the parents’ risk. The PMA shall not be liable to the parents for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature suffered by the parents whilst the uniform and equipment are in the Shop or in the receptacles provided by the Shop. The PMA reserves the right to accept or reject uniform or equipment provided by parents if it is not in adequately good condition.

Social Events

The PMA organises various activities that encourage parents and families throughout the school to meet up. The first of these is an Autumn Drinks Reception to welcome parents of new pupils; the PMA Committee, the class representatives and a large number of staff are generally present. Recently other social events have included: the Family Fireworks Night, Race Night, Tennis mornings, a December Disco, Big Camp Out and Orienteering activities. For the children, the PMA organise Christmas entertainment and the ever-popular cake sales, which are held once a term.

The current PMA Committee is a hard-working but fun-loving group who have children in all year groups at Prince’s Mead. We are always looking to recruit ‘new blood’ to the Committee, particularly from parents of children in the lower years. So if you would like to become more involved in Prince’s Mead, meet lots of fellow parents and feel you can contribute in any way, please contact us.

Finally, it is always sad to say good-bye to a long-serving member of staff, but the PMA and Class Representatives are adept at turning tears into merriment by organising farewells that can be enjoyed by all the family.

ISI Inspection Report – March 2016: ‘Parents and their extended family have many opportunities to be involved in the life of the school. They can attend weekly family assembly, have a birthday lunch with their children, and grandparents are invited to tour the school with their grandchildren. Strong relationships between the school and the parents are fostered through the Prince’s Mead Association which organises social and fundraising events, such as supporting the partner school in India.