Prep School

The Prep School at Prince’s Mead continues to develop the potential in each and every child and prepares them to move confidently on to their chosen senior school.

When children start in the Prep School they will be taught primarily by their form tutor but as they move up the school more subjects will be taught by specialist teachers.  Throughout the children’s time at the Prep School all the children will receive an education to the highest possible standard over a broad and balanced curriculum.

Children in Years 3 to 6 will play in competitive fixtures with other schools as part of the sports curriculum on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.  In addition, we broaden the range of competitive fixtures by arranging chess matches, sailing regattas and gymnastics competitions.

The children in the Prep School continue to develop their music and drama skills and have the opportunity to represent the School in concerts, festivals and competitions.  The Year 6 production in the Summer Term celebrates the pupil’s musical and dramatic journey through the School.

Children in Years 5 and 6 have their own space in the Coach House, which is opposite our Main Building.  This is just one way in which we help to build their independence, equipping them to successfully transition to their chosen Senior School.

Prince’s Mead will work with parents to help them identify the appropriate Senior School for their child and we have an enviable record of the children being accepted into their first choice schools, many with scholarships.

Our strong pastoral care continues throughout the Prep School.  While the whole staff at Prince’s Mead care for the children our full-time Matron, Head of PHSEE, Senior Master and Head of Girls Welfare provide specific support when it is needed.

Children at Prince’s Mead are valued and respected and the staff listen and question them effectively.  In Year 6 pupils are invited to become part of the school council and the food committee to represent the rest of the pupils within the School.

The range of extra-curricular opportunities increases in the Prep School, with children being able to participate in activities such as fly-fishing, dance, karate and off-road cycling, to name just a few.  Our unique bus service continues to dove-tail with the after-school clubs so that children have the same fantastic bus service whether they go home straight after school or after a club.