The Prince’s Mead Pre-Prep is a caring, nurturing environment for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 (ages 4 to 7). We pride ourselves by ensuring that each child flourishes and feels a sense of belonging in the Prince’s Mead family, from the moment they join us.

Throughout the Pre-Prep, our staff are highly qualified and dedicated professionals who have an excellent understanding of how to foster a love of learning in young children and thrive within an educational environment. Each class has an experienced classroom teacher supported by a teaching assistant.

Our emphasis is on practical work; we provide:

  • Activities that promote ‘hands on’ learning that encourage exploration, observation, problem solving, prediction, critical thinking, decision making and discussion, such as making our ice structures, planting and caring for seeds in the best environment and investigating light and shadows.
  • An environment with a wide range of activities both indoors and outdoors that will stimulate their own interest and curiosity, including Gray’s Wood, especially in our well-resourced classrooms and outdoor areas where the children can independently access resources.
  • Opportunities that help children to become aware, to explore and question issues of differences in gender, ethnicity, language, religion and culture and of special educational needs and disability issues through learning about senses, festivals and celebrations.

Children acquire a range of skills, knowledge and attitudes whilst fully communicating their thoughts, ideas and feelings with adults and each other.

In Reception the children learn within the framework of the Early Years Foundation Stage with emphasis placed on ‘Communication and Language’, ‘Physical Development’, ‘Personal, Social and Emotional Development,’ ‘Literacy and Mathematics,’ ‘Understanding of the World,’ and ‘Expressive Arts and Design.’   The pupils’ experience is complemented further by specialist teaching in Art, Italian, Music and Physical Education (including swimming).

In Years 1 and 2 we maintain the expectations of the National Curriculum, whilst also providing a broad curriculum that offers children the opportunity to develop interests in a wide variety of subjects.

All pupils in our Pre-Prep are encouraged to develop individual interests, explore, ask questions and have ownership of their learning journey in order to provide them with every opportunity to reach their potential. Our overall aim is to build each child’s self-esteem, confidence and independence to ensure they have the best possible start at Prince’s Mead.


Miss Abbey Fecher, BA Hons – Head of Pre-Prep