Art is highly valued at Prince’s Mead and the children’s work is displayed throughout the school. The syllabus often links with History or Geography topics that the children are studying in their classes.

The work of famous artists is explored and visits are undertaken to galleries and sculpture parks to develop the children’s awareness of all forms of art. The work is varied and each year the children have opportunities to draw, paint, print, make 3D art, create collages and work with textiles.The art room is a large, bright and airy space and the children look forward to their art lessons here. Art is taught by a specialist art teacher from Reception to Year 6.

Prince’s Mead recently purchased a kiln which added a new dimension to the Art Department’s capabilities. It is housed outside in an underground pump house. We celebrated our new kiln with a school wide ceramic poppy project that coincided with The Tower of London’s display and coincidentally received much local press. Since November, every year group has created at least one 3D clay piece of artwork. Younger year groups focus on basic skills like pinch pots, joining pieces and relief work, while the older children have successfully mastered coil work, slab building and drawing with clay. In addition to glazing all their own work, Prince’s Mead children have also had tours of the Kiln House and are starting to understand the processes involved in the bisque and glaze firing. The kiln has enabled our children to create more 3 dimensional art work than ever before and they are loving every minute of it!


Mrs Laura Thomas BA, PGCE – Head of Art