ICT lesson

Digital Learning & e-Safety

At Prince’s Mead we inspire and develop our pupils’ ICT skills across and within a creative curriculum using stimulating technologies ensuring that the children have the knowledge and skills to achieve in a digitally changing world.

The children develop confidence and competence using ICT in a range of situations, preparing them to participate in the rapidly changing world of technology both at home and in the community. ICT and Computing is taught as a dedicated subject with a specialist teacher, and is also used as a tool to support, enhance and extend children’s learning opportunities across the curriculum.

The school has a dedicated ICT suite with 20 PC’s, interactive whiteboards in every classroom and teaching space, 2 suites of laptops and sets of iPads for use in various classrooms and digital photography equipment.

In addition, we have controlled programmable robotics, to enrich our existing programming lessons, and to encourage computational problem solving skills.


As a whole school community we are working together to provide our children with resilience to embrace the challenges and opportunities of the digital age through both teaching and learning.  The digital world does not stand still and these resources will help you and your children keep up to date with new initiatives in technology and the challenges they bring.

Mrs Lucy Rose MA Hons PGCE TESOL – Head of Digital Learning