Geography is an important subject as it helps children to understand the world around them and gives them certain skills and knowledge which have a wide variety of applications in everyday life
Geography is taught throughout the school by the classroom teacher up to Year 4 and then by a specialist teacher in Years 5 and 6.

The teaching of Geography is achieved using three approaches; whole class teaching, individual consolidation exercises and collaborative group work. Students are encouraged to communicate their findings in a variety of ways, thereby enabling a greater understanding of the many different applications of Geography.

Many trips are made out of school in order to consolidate learning completed in the classroom. Some examples of trips are: Year 5 visit the New Forest Museum and participate in various role playing activities in the Verderer’s Court, Year 4 visit Stubbington and learn about a variety of coastal processes and Year 2 visit Beaulieu and study different types of transport.


Mrs Amanda Wright BEd, Head of Geography