Philosophy & Religion

Philosophy & Religion is taught throughout the school, as a dedicated subject from Year 1 upwards, while aspects of religion come into the framework of the Early Years curriculum.

The subject provides opportunities for pupils to explore personal and philosophical aspects of their lives involving a spiritual or moral dimension. Pupils develop knowledge of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and other major world religions. It also allows pupils time for reflection and to relate their home, cultural and life experiences to those of others. Philosophy & Religion should give them information upon which to base future choices in both action and belief.

Prince’s Mead was founded on broadly Christian principles and traditions, which are still integral to the school today. However, we recognise that the United Kingdom is a multi-faceted country with a diverse range of cultures and faith systems and we reflect an understanding of those with different beliefs within our teaching. In our school we have children and teachers brought up in the traditions of other world religions and due consideration is given to those individuals for their beliefs. The teaching of Philosophy & Religion is therefore conducted with care and sensitivity, beginning from the principle of what the children already know and building on this foundation.


Miss Kate Merrick, BA Hons – Head of Philosophy & Religion