School Council

Each term a new School Council is appointed, this forms part of our commitment to ‘pupil voice’.  The Council which comprises of the Head Boy and Girl, House Captains, Games Captains and Prefects meet with the Headmaster on a regular basis in his office to discuss a whole range of matters relating to the pupils.  In addition, the Head Boy and Girl present all the suggestions from the suggestion boxes in each class and due consideration is given to ideas and proposals from the boys and girls in the School.  We believe this activity is a fitting introduction to democracy, negotiation and compromise.

ISI Inspection Report – March 2016: ‘The school has effective methods to seek the views of pupils. In interviews, pupils felt their views are well represented and that the school both listens to and responds to their ideas and suggestions.’

Fund Raising

The pupils often become involved in fund raising inititatives, many of the ideas they generate themselves.  Breakfast for a Breakfast was introduced by one of our pupils who wanted to raise money for the children in our sister school in India to ensure they start their day with a more healthy breakfast.  Twenty children have been identified as being malnourished and they benefit from the money raised in that each morning they now have an egg and milk to fortify them for the day.  Many of the fundraising activities focus on local charities such as The Murray Parish Trust and Naomi House as well as national charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and The Royal British Legion to name but two.

Food Committee

The aim of the Food Committee is for the children to be actively involved with their food choices and the variety of food available at Prince’s Mead.

Children in Year 6 are invited to be on the Food Committee which is led by Mrs Costello, a Year 3 form teacher.  At meetings the menus are discussed and children consider what is going well and what could be improved.  This information is then taken to the termly food meeting with the Bursar, Mr White and the Catering Manager, Mrs Farwell.  The catering staff are then aware of what is popular and why and what the children would like to change and why.  The children also carry out polls with other children in the school which generally takes place at play time.

ISI Inspection Report – March 2016: ‘From EYFS, pupils gain an understanding of democracy through contributing their ideas to the school council and food committee.’

Smile Programme

At Prince’s Mead we ensure that all children follow the SMILE programme which builds a robust character in your children, preparing them for the everyday challenges of the global community in which we live.  How do you know your children are happy?  Are they mindful, are they resilient; how big are their smiles?

The SMILE programme offers a comprehensive approach to teaching all our children the skills to have an adaptable and fruitful future.  The five key learning areas being; Safe, Motivated, Independent, Leadership and Empathy, teach children well-rounded fundamental skills to take forward through life’s ups and downs.  With key catch-phrases the SMILE programme offers an enjoyable way to help children smile more often and we all know a true smile is infectious

SMSC Policy

This policy is a statement of the aims, principles and strategies for ensuring the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of  pupils at Prince’s Mead is met in addition to actively promoting Fundamental British Values