Apple Inc & Prince’s Mead Coding Challenge

1st June 19

‘On Tuesday the whole of year six went to Apple in West Quay for a fun day of coding. We were lucky enough to trial the latest version of Swift Playground, a game building app. The aim of the app is to understand and build your coding skills by making you go through a series of challenges. To start with the Apple workers handed out their latest iPads and Apple pencils. Next they introduced us to Swift and showed us how to use it through an enormous interactive screen and microphones. The trainers were funny and demonstrated coding by coding each other to do things so we could then see how it was relevant to coding instructions for characters on the app. Shortly after we began coding. It only took a few steps to complete a level and then we created our own functions for our character. Overall we enjoyed the Apple experience and we can’t wait to visit again! Thank you so much Mrs Rose and her team for organising the amazing trip’.

From the pupils of Year 6