Mission & Aims

Prince’s Mead endeavours to lay the foundations for our pupils’ future success and prepare them for the senior school of their choice and life beyond. Children have one opportunity for the education that will form the basis of their lives and, at the same time, one childhood. Our aim is to keep a happy balance between the two. All children have a talent and the School provides a wide and stimulating range of opportunities to develop it.

Our Aims

  • To foster a love of learning
  • To have high expectations for life in social, academic, creative, spiritual and sporting disciplines
  • To develop creative and independent children equipped with skills which will enable them to rise to future challenges
  • To provide a caring, nurturing environment in which each child can flourish and feel a sense of belonging
  • To promote positive relationships with the extended family and local community
  • To inculcate in the School Community a compassion and empathy for others


Governors: Farewell & Hello

Headmaster’s Notes – Teamwork makes the dream work