About Us

The spirit of our school guides young people to greatness by giving them the space and time to enjoy their childhood. Academic success is a priority, but we pride ourselves on educating their whole.

They’ll develop lifelong academic, artistic, sporting and cultural passions creating strong foundations for life at senior school and beyond.

By creating opportunities for your child to discover their passions we show them how to be adaptable, resilient and forward-thinking while maintaining the core values of kindness and mutual respect.


Children need an excellent all round education that provides the foundation for future learning and life in general. At Prince’s Mead we encourage, recognise and celebrate pupils’ achievements and teach them to understand their strengths and areas for development, to help them become effective lifelong learners.

At Prince’s Mead, our teaching approach embraces the PSB (Pre-Senior Baccalaureate) programme of study. The aim of the PSB programme is to ensure that pupils leave us with a secure understanding of leadership, how they learn, strong independent and collaborative learning skills, and having experienced leadership in various forms.

As a school, we will find something that ensures every pupil will succeed and thrive. Everything we offer shapes the development of our pupils and better prepares them for their life ahead; it is by looking at pupils as unique individuals that we are able to give them the confidence to move successfully on to their chosen senior schools.

Pastoral Care

The history of our wonderful building as a family home sets the tone for the family atmosphere that permeates through Prince’s Mead and, while the whole staff care for the children, we have a full-time Matron on-site to give them professional care if they are poorly or injured.

Prince’s Mead has a Christian Foundation while recognising and valuing other world faiths and cultural differences. It is a harmonious community in which the values of tolerance, loyalty and understanding go hand-in-hand with an emphasis on the value of individual talents and resilience to give the children a positive attitude, confidence and respect for each other.

School Life

Prince’s Mead is a school with a great family appeal with the full educational programme during the week meaning weekends are free for family time. We encourage a strong sense of community within the school; ‘The Big Breakfast’, ‘Grandparents’ Tea’ and weekly ‘Friday Prayers’ are just some of the opportunities for parents and relatives to participate in the life of the school.

We recognise the pressures of daily life and to this end, we provide a unique, personalised minibus service that is included in the fees and managed by our in-house transport team to ensure our excellent pastoral care extends to the children’s journey to and from school.

Prince’s Mead has an extensive range of after-school activities and the minibus service is dovetailed with the clubs to provide an efficient service.