Staff & Governors

Prince’s Mead has a large body of staff all of whom are whole-heartedly committed to the education of the boys and girls under their care.



Mr P Thacker MEd BA Hons PGCE FRGS

Peter Thacker was appointed as Headmaster of Prince’s Mead in September 2018.  Before this he was Deputy Headmaster of Lambrook School, a coeducational boarding and day school in Ascot, Berkshire and, prior to this, Deputy Headmaster of Daneshill School.

After university Peter attended The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Commissioned into The Royal Dragoon Guards he spent eight years of his service in a variety of roles serving in Germany, Canada, Cyprus and the Middle East.

Peter is a passionate advocate of Prince’s Mead’s culture of holistic education, celebrating academic excellence and the acquisition of skills. He has led several school expeditions, be it the Three Peaks Challenge or to Transylvania; regions to which he is well-acquainted.

Peter is married with two young children. When time allows, Peter can be seen tracking bears in the Carpathian mountains or skiing. Peter completed a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership in 2017, is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, a member of IAPS and an ISI Team Inspector.

Senior Leadership Team


Mr P Thacker MEd BA Hons PGCE FRGS Headmaster
Mr R White BA Hons Bursar
Mr A Greenaway BEd Hons MA Ed Deputy Headmaster
Mrs S Wilkinson BEd Hons MA Ed Director of Studies
Mr M Anderson BEd Hons MA Senior Master
Miss A Fecher BA Hons Head of Pre-Prep



The Governing Board is responsible for the well-being of the school as a whole, taking or endorsing strategic and financial decisions, monitoring the School’s finances, and appointing the Headmaster. Our Governors come from a wide range of backgrounds, including business, education, the forces and the professions, and all are deeply committed to the school’s continuing success. All are regular visitors to the school, meeting staff and pupils to stay in tune with developments.

Please follow this link to view our Governing Board 

Teaching Staff


Mr M Anderson BEd Hons MA Year 6 Teacher
Mrs T Baines BA Hons Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs M Barraclough MEd Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Boyden BSc Hons PGCE Learning Support and Music Teacher
Mrs S Boylin Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Costello BA Hons PGCE Year 3 Teacher
Miss R Day BA PGCE Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S Edmunds BTEC Nat. Dip. Nursery Nursing Teaching Assistant
Miss A Fecher BA Hons Year 2 Teacher
Mrs C Goulding BA Hons, SALT Learning Support Teacher
Ms S Gritti BA Hons MA Ed (SEN) Head of Learning Support
Mrs L Hill B.Lib Hons Librarian
Miss L Hodson BA Hons PGCE Year 2 Teacher
Mr V Jakimavicius BA Hons PGCE Director of Sport
Mrs G Jones BEd Hons Year 6 Teacher/Head of English KS2/Head of DT
Mrs H Lancaster BA Hons Head of Science
Mrs J Leonard BEd Hons Reception Teacher
Mrs J Lyon PCertLAM Speech and Drama Teacher
Miss G Ma Teaching Assistant
Mr A Macdonald BA Hons PGCE Head of History/Year 4 Teacher
Mrs S Mant BSc Hons PGCE Head of Girls Games/ Head of Girls Welfare
Mrs J Martin BA Hons PGCE Head of Modern Foreign Languages
Miss K Merrick BA Hons PGCE Head of Philosophy and Religion and SMSC/Year 4 Teacher
Mrs W Noviss BEd Hons Art Teacher
Mrs S O’Siochain BA Hons PGCE Head of EYFS/Reception Teacher
Mrs L Rose MA Hons PGCE TESOL Head of Digital Learning
Mrs J Stevenson NNEB Teaching Assistant
Mr I Thomas BA PGCE Head of Maths/Head of PSHEE/Year 5 Teacher
Mrs L Thomas BA PGCE Head of Art
Mrs F Watts BA Hons Year 1 Teacher
Mrs S Wilkinson BEd Hons MA Ed Year 6 Teacher/STA Co-Ordinator
Miss S Williams BA Hons Head of Music
Mrs N Windram BSc Hons GTP Forest School L3 Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Wright BEd Hons Head of Geography/Games Teacher
Mrs K Austin Sports Coach – Netball, Hockey, Rounders
Mr A Brown Sports Coach – Football, Rugby, Cricket
Mrs E Bulstrode Sports Coach – Netball, Hockey, Rounders
Miss L Lacey Sports Coach – Netball, Hockey, Rounders
Mrs D Emmott-Dart Peripatetic Music Teacher – Piano
Miss M Hilling Peripatetic Music Teacher – Piano
Mrs J Levine Peripatetic Music Teacher – Cello
Mrs F Jeppsson Peripatetic Music Teacher – Singing
Mr M Lewison Peripatetic Music Teacher – Brass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard and Ukulele
Mr P Stiles Peripatetic Music Teacher – Clarinet and Saxophone
Mrs C Stocker Peripatetic Music Teacher – Flute and Recorder
Mrs D Wakefield Peripatetic Music Teacher – Viola and Violin


Support Team


Admin Team
Mrs Leela Bennett BA Hons, CIM Marketing and Communications Manager
Mrs Debbie Charleton Headmaster’s P.A./School Secretary
Mrs Lisa Doyle Finance Assistant
Mrs Lindy Mitchell Assistant Matron
Mrs Mandy Oakley Matron
Mrs Sue Organ Finance Officer
Mrs Wendy Osborne Music Department Administrator
Mrs Sue Rich Registrar
Catering Team
Mrs Bonnie Farwell Catering Manager
Mrs Davina Adams Catering Assistant
Mrs Eileen Luxton Catering Assistant
Mrs Karen Baker Catering Assistant
Miss Eran Ozgunay Catering Assistant
Mrs Rachel Taylor Catering Assistant
Garden Ladies
Mrs Sam Garlick Garden Lady
Mrs Lesley Phillips Garden Lady
Mrs Caroline Welchman Garden Lady
Caretaking & Transport Teams
Mr Roddy Wirgman Transport & After School Clubs Manager
Mr Eddy Smith Caretaker
Mr Ron Monger Assistant Caretaker
Mr Vince Wingent Assistant Caretaker/Groundsman
Mr Carl Jones Bus Driver/Assistant Caretaker
Mr Del Wadsworth Fleet Supervisor/Assistant Caretaker
Mr Jon Bell Bus Driver
Mr Ray Curtis Bus Driver
Mr Lester Graham Bus Driver
Mr Peter Greaves Bus Driver
Mr Steve Messenger Bus Driver
Mr Richard Seymour Bus Driver