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Learning Support

Prince’s Mead can offer Learning Support for pupils having mild learning differences. The department is fully integrated into the whole school.

The aim of the Learning Support Department is to ensure that the different needs of pupils, of all abilities, are supported appropriately throughout the school. This area involves working with the children, parents, all teachers, matron, learning support staff and the Headmaster.

The Learning Support Department at Prince’s Mead has specialist teachers in Prep and Pre-Prep who work in close collaboration with staff and parents. We aim to ensure that any children with additional needs are identified and supported appropriately; when this is the case a support programme may be put in place which is tailored to their individual needs.

We recognise each pupil’s individual strengths and abilities as well as those areas of learning that may require more targeted support, both short and long term. Alongside this, we also appreciate the importance of emotional support and promote a positive attitude, determination and curiosity with a view to building confidence and independent learning.

ISI Inspection Report – March 2016: ‘Pupils of all abilities, including those with SEND, EAL and the more able make excellent progress. This supports the school in achieving its aims.’

Mrs Susan Gritti, BA Hons, MA Ed (SEN) – Head of Learning Support