Our facilities are outstanding. Great investment in the development of the facilities has resulted in some of the best sporting facilities in Hampshire. They include more than 10 acres of some of the best grass playing areas in the county, a multi-purpose sports centre, indoor cricket nets, two brand new dual use tennis and netball courts, a traversing wall, and two exemplary cricket pitches all set in the most beautiful area of the Itchen Valley.

We make use of the excellent technology at our disposal to add value to our lessons, especially to assist in the analysis of skill performance.


We believe that all children should have the opportunity to participate in competitive sporting opportunities with boys and girls from Year 4 upwards able to choose which major sport they would like to participate in.To facilitate this we have an extensive calendar of competitive fixtures across a wide variety of sports. We ensure these opportunities are at an appropriate level of challenge for the children and as such form an important part of each child’s sporting education.


Michaelmas Term – The major sports are Football and Netball, with lessons in Basketball as well as the fundamental skill development programme.

Lent Term – The major sports are Rugby and Hockey, with lessons in Dance and Gymnastics as well as the fundamental skill development programme.

Summer Term – The boys and girls take part in Cricket as the core sport, with lessons in Athletics as well as the fundamental skill development programme.


Prince’s Mead hosts a fine variety of extra-curricular clubs such as Street Dance, Karate, Table Tennis, Rugby, Football and Netball to name a few, as well as encouraging children to take part in more recreational lunchtime clubs such as Basketball, Pilates, Netball and Cricket nets.

Children also have the opportunity to access some less traditional sports; Archery, Badminton, Lacrosse, Fencing and Dodgeball as part of the carousel sessions.


We share our facilities with many clubs, some professional, some amateur, including Worthy Park Tennis and Winchester Gymnastics Club.

Mr Graham Arkley BA Hons PGCE – Director of Sport