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Prince’s Mead is an intimate school, where partnerships with parents are established early on, thus ensuring that all our pupils are nurtured and academically supported; therefore early registration is highly recommended.  The admissions process begins with a visit, whether this is a personal tour by the Headmaster or to one of our termly Open Afternoons.


The Headmaster is eager for all parents and their children to visit the school in order to fully understand what we offer all the pupils in our care; it is for this very reason that the Headmaster gives personal tours to all prospective families to start the admissions process. This visit can be arranged through the Headmaster’s PA, Mrs Debbie Charleton (01962 888000).


Following a visit to the school or an enquiry, parents complete a Registration form and pay a remittance of £100.00, being a non-returnable Registration Fee. Registration does not reserve a place for a pupil; it means the pupil’s name is placed on the appropriate admissions list.

Assessment Visit

Following Registration, the pupil is invited for an assessment visit. At this time, the teachers concerned assess the pupil within the age related form. For pupils entering Reception, a range of activities will be undertaken to assess fine and gross motor skill acquisition. In Year 1 and above, the pupil will follow the curriculum of that day and during the course of the visit will engage in specific mathematics and English activities which will be assessed. In addition, the social skills and behaviour of all prospective pupils are also observed. A form is completed by the assessing teacher and this is then given to the Headmaster who in collaboration with the teacher/s decides whether a place should be offered. As long as the pupil achieves the necessary academic requirements no pupil will be refused entry on the grounds of race, ethnicity, religion or disability.

Offer and Acceptance of a Place

An offer letter and pro forma is then sent to the parents. A place is then reserved for the pupil after completion of the acceptance and payment of the deposit. The Headmaster reserves the right to defer entry if assessment of the child shows this to be desirable.

A deposit of £400 is required with the acceptance. This is returnable as a credit to the fee account for the child’s final term at Prince’s Mead. Cancellation of a reserved place will forfeit the deposit.

On completion of the admission procedure, a contract exists between the school and the signatories on the acceptance part of the form.

All new families entering the school are given the names of another family whose son or daughter is already in the school, in the same year group. We have found from past experience that this enables new families to build a relationship with other parents and children before their child starts at the school.

Our full Admissions Policy can be found below.