Design and Technology

The Design and Technology Department plays a pivotal role in developing our pupils’ practical understanding of materials, control systems, structures, tools and equipment. Children learn to design, make and evaluate products fit for a purpose and increase their awareness of the impact of technology and its contribution to our quality of life.

Needs and opportunities are identified through investigation and discussion. At the design stage, children generate ideas and devise a plan. At the making stage, we work with a variety of materials and tools – measuring, cutting, joining, adjusting and finishing. We evaluate our finished product and recognise our lessons learned. Our recently opened DT Workshop has enhanced significantly the opportunities we are able to offer our budding designers.

Whilst individual work and class teaching are the norm, DT sessions are also aimed at promoting collaboration and co-operative group work. Children are encouraged to develop their own interpersonal skills through discussion, enquiry, negotiation and working as part of a team.  DT is taught by specialists from Reception to Year 6

Mrs Saffi Mant, Head of Design and Technology