Food & Nourishment

Our Dining Hall is the heart of our home at Worthy Park House. Our catering team, Thomas Franks, are our key partners in delivering fresh, exciting and healthy food for all our pupils.

At Prince’s Mead, it is believed that a healthy mind and body are vital to success at school and developing a commitment to a healthier lifestyle will be of lifelong benefit to the pupils. Thomas Franks are delighted to announce that from September 2019 we will be working in partnership with Prince’s Mead to realise this belief. Thomas Franks will be working with the catering team to deliver delicious fresh food from local, family-owned suppliers, to ensure your children have nutritious and flavoursome meals. Thomas Franks will be providing all of Prince’s Mead food, including breakfast, morning breaks and lunches, as well as catering for hospitality events. Alongside a creative and delicious series of new menus, we have a number of interactive initiatives to involve the whole school community in the new partnership.

Thomas Franks go on to tell us that all of the meals will be freshly made on-site using farm-assured meat, sustainable fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables, often locally sourced. Local suppliers bring us the best of each season’s produce. Eating with the seasons encourages a varied diet as we are not sourcing the same ingredients all year round, for example, ripe and juicy tomatoes in summer, sweetcorn in autumn and root vegetables in winter. This means that our chefs have a wide variety of ingredients with which to design imaginative and tempting menus. As parents, you can be confident in the provenance of the ingredients being used and reassured that your child is having wholesome and healthy choices.

Our Chef Manager, Mr Ondrej Vrabel says ‘We asked the children for their favourite dishes and desserts in order that we can incorporate this into our menus. Fresh bread will be on offer daily and we are looking forward to introducing our kitchen garden where we can help the children understand where food comes from, planting herbs & vegetables, watching them grow and then eating them.’