Questioning, proposing ideas, testing possibilities, reflecting on things we have observed… these are key activities in our Science lessons at Prince’s Mead. From the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards, right through to the preparation for Senior School entrance exams in Year 6, the emphasis is on real experiences.

Our specialist Science Room is housed in a large, fully-equipped period room in Worthy Park House. It looks out onto a pond where the children carry out work on the varied plant and animal life found in this beautiful setting. Gray’s Wood, an extensive wild beech wood within the school grounds, is visited by the children for science fieldwork and Forest School days. The children enjoy being outside in this natural environment and we encourage their curiosity and love of nature from a very early age. Children engage in many creative projects such as:

  • Designing a burglar alarm circuit for a museum.
  • Making a model arm with bones and muscles.
  • ‘Panning for gold’ by sieving, filtering and evaporating.
  • Making kites and flying them on the school field.
  • Using different materials to keep a teddy waterproof.

All children have a generous allocation of curriculum time for Science each week as well as homework in the upper school. This allows time for practical work and discussion leading to real understanding and progress. Children are supported by specialist teachers and are prepared for the 11+ Common Entrance Exam and entry to a wide range of co-educational Senior Schools.

Mrs Heidi Lancaster, BA Hons, PGCE, – Head of Science