To foster a love of learning

Pastoral Care

From the moment a child joins us we want to ensure they flourish and feel a sense of belonging in the Prince’s Mead family. There is nothing more important than providing outstanding pastoral support and all our staff are committed to ensuring the highest levels of care and support.

Behind the beautiful Georgian facades of our Grade II listed home is a warm and welcoming environment that offers outstanding levels of pastoral support. Our aim is to maintain an environment where each pupil is able to succeed in every aspect of their education as well as to flourish and thrive as an individual. The first way we achieve this is by adopting a very proactive approach; our systems and the communication we have between teachers, Matron, parents and pupils is excellent.

Our curriculum aims to equip our pupils with the tools necessary for a healthy, happy and successful life in senior school and beyond. We focus on embedding a growth mindset, building grit and resilience through opportunities to fail, and instilling a mindful approach to build positive coping strategies in order for our pupils to thrive.

The relationship between the staff and the pupils is a great strength at Prince’s Mead. Informal but respectful, the children see the teachers as their allies and feel happy to confide in them. The atmosphere at the School is frequently described as warm and welcoming, and there is a sense of happiness and fun in the air. All members of staff are ready to help when and where needed; there is always a qualified nurse onsite during the day to supplement staff’s paediatric first aid training.

Parents are encouraged to attend our weekly ‘Friday Prayers’ which cover many areas associated with the pastoral life of the school and aims to close the loop between school and home.

It is a real strength that every pupil at Prince’s Mead believes passionately that their House is the best! There are three houses that compete in a wide variety of activities, ranging from sport to music. Individual cups are, of course, proudly displayed. Each pupil is assigned to a House from Year 1 and remains in that House throughout his or her school career.

Senior Pupils act as members of the School Council (Senior Prefects) and undertake responsibilities in the daily life of the School. The children themselves are encouraged to support one another and to let staff know if they see a child who may need support. Other opportunities exists across the spectrum of School life ranging from The Eco-Committee to the all-important Food Committee.

Fund Raising

Pupils often become involved in fund raising inititatives, many of the ideas they generate themselves.  Breakfast for a Breakfast was introduced by one of our pupils who wanted to raise money for the children in our sister school in India to ensure they start their day with a more healthy breakfast.  Twenty children at our sister school had been identified as malnourished and they benefited from the money raised; each morning they now have an egg and milk to fortify them for the day.  Many of the fundraising activities focus on local charities such as The Murray Parish Trust and Naomi House as well as national charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and The Royal British Legion to name but two.

Smile Programme

All pupils follow the SMILE programme which helps nurture a robust character, preparing them for the everyday challenges of the global community in which we live.  How do you know your children are happy?  Are they mindful, are they resilient; how big are their smiles?

The SMILE programme offers a comprehensive approach to teaching all our children the skills to have an adaptable and fruitful future.  The five key learning areas being; Safe, Motivated, Independent, Leadership and Empathy, teach children well-rounded fundamental skills to take forward through life’s ups and downs.  With key catch-phrases the SMILE programme offers an enjoyable way to help children smile more often and we all know a true smile is infectious


Led by Miss Merrick, SMSC is a clear statement of the aims, principles and strategies for ensuring the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development of  pupils at Prince’s Mead is met in addition to actively promoting Fundamental British Values.