Snow day

School Life

Life at Prince’s Mead School revolves around the three school terms, Autumn, Spring and Summer.  We publish the term dates well in advance to allow parents to plan around these dates.

The core school day is from 8.25am to 4.10pm, however we provide parents an opportunity to extend the day by offering a breakfast club, a huge variety of after-school clubs including childcare options and a unique and flexible transport service.

The extra-curricular activities at Prince’s Mead are very popular and the programme offers a wide range of clubs that the children can participate in.  Fly-fishing, karate, sailing, cookery and outdoor adventures are just a few examples.  For those younger children who prefer to just chill-out or for older children who would like to complete their homework we also run crèche and prep clubs.

Family connections are an important part of the school life at Prince’s Mead and we provide lots of opportunities for parents, relatives and family friends to become involved in the school.  These range from school events such as Friday Prayers, Grandparents Tea Parties and the Cathedral Carol Service to the social events that the Prince’s Mead Association (PMA) run for the whole school community.

The well-being of our children is always paramount in Prince’s Mead and we believe that the pupils should have their own voice in this regard.  To achieve this we appoint a school council and a food committee to represent the views of all the pupils to the Headmaster and the Bursar.  We also find that our children are concerned with the well-being of others and often take the initiative in fund-raising for worthwhile causes.

Our sister school in India is one of the global partners that the PMA and the pupils support through fundraising.  Over the years we have provided many resources to the school and currently pledge to pay the salaries of five of the teachers in the infant and junior part of the school each year.