Extended Day

We are aware of the importance of flexible drop off and pick up times and to assist busy parents we have extended the school day enabling children to come into school from 7.30am and to stay until the late bus service leaves school at 5.10pm.

Extended School Day Timings

First Minibus PickUp*     7.25am

Breakfast Club               7.30am – 8.00am

Early Morning Arrival    8.00am – 8.25am

Registration                  8.25am

End of School Day         4.10pm

After School Clubs         4.10pm – 5.10 pm

Last Minibus Drop*         6.00pm

*based on current bus routes

Breakfast Club

Children can be dropped off at school between 8am – 8.25am as part of our normal school day.  We also run ‘Mrs B’s Breakfast Club’ from 7.30am.  There is an early morning minibus from Winchester Station at 7.25am that brings children into breakfast club.  This allows parents to put their child on the minibus before catching a train for the morning commute.

This is currently based in ‘The Tunnels’, breakfast consists of a choice of cereals, toast, fruit juice and milk.  For flexibility, there is no need to pre-book, a charge of £3 per session is added to fee bills retrospectively.

After School Activities

All of our after-school clubs run from 4.10pm until 5.10pm.  This is because we dove-tail our unique and flexible transport service with the clubs, meaning the transport service at 5.10pm is just as comprehensive as it is straight after-school.  With the minibuses included in the fees this is a great way to extend the day and the children love spending the extra time with their friends.

Extra-Curricular Activities, Prep and Crèche places are booked each term via an online booking system.  Details are sent to parents by email during the second half of each term.


Our unique minibus service covers Winchester and the surrounding areas.  At the beginning of the day an early pickup at Winchester Railway Station brings children to school for breakfast club, the late minibuses depart at 5.10pm after clubs, with the last drop-off times currently around 6.00pm.