Grandparent’s Tea

3rd March 20

I recall the expression that God couldn’t be everywhere so he made Grandparents. This was most certainly the case for those that I had the honour of meeting on Tuesday when they visited the School. It was a great privilege for me to take the opportunity to recognise the very positive influence they have on their grandchildren. Their ability alone to put life into perspective and offer inspiration, often when our young people most need it, is invaluable to say the least. Thinking back to my grandparents, I recall their innate ability to impart such wisdom and advice based on some extraordinary life experience; knowledge of which I continue to call on.  Peter Thacker, 2019


Once again, we look forward to welcoming all our children’s Grandparents or close family members in the next coming weeks for our special Grandparent’s Tea events.  We love watching our children show their family their classrooms, the grounds and their teachers and then come together for afternoon tea in the new dining hall and a welcome by Mr Thacker.

Year 3 & 4 Tuesday 10th March

Reception, Year 1 & 2  Tuesday 17th March

Year 5 & 6, Tuesday 24th March


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