Adventure Playground in grounds of Princes Mead

Headmaster reads bedtime story to whole school

19th January 21

Mr Thacker is passionate about children reading throughout lockdown and wanted to make sure his pupils had an extra bedtime story in January & February. Our Headmaster is an avid reader and whilst reading to his two young sons at the beginning of January, he decided to record one of his favourite books for all his pupils to hear. He was conscious that his families were juggling many pressing challenges at the beginning of 2021 and hoped that a few minutes of an online bedtime story would help, just a little.

Every week, Mr Thacker will be releasing the next 3 chapters of Roald Dahl’s ‘Danny the champion of the world’.

Chapter 1 (9 mins)
Chapter 2 (11 mins)
Chapter 3 (16 mins)