Headmaster’s Notes: A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities

28th January 22

Our House meetings this week were full of hopes and dreams. With this heartfelt focus on what is to come, what a joy it was to hear the aspirations of our children; our future generation with so much to look forward to. And how eloquently House leaders led insightful discourse as to what this might look like. We talked about the journey too, and the anticipation of the inevitable challenge that comes with reaching those goals and how we can be prepared for hurdles on the way.Two things have been evident over these last two years that provide us with potential insight into the challenges. On the one hand, there has been a great coming together with a strengthened school community and sense of connection. Yet at the same time, the national picture is one of potentially deeper polarisation, with longstanding inequalities and divisions exposed, fuelled by social media. This offers a mixed vantage point for our children as they look towards the future but an inevitable reality of life in the 21st century.At Prince’s Mead we feel that our children will achieve greatness in whatever capacity, by handing on those values that we hold so close to our hearts, not only defined by the here and now but what is to come for our children. If we can leave one legacy to our children, it is for them to know their deep value and high worth; foundations to build a hopeful future for them all. As discourse in the classrooms this week has shown, we are surrounded by an incredibly inspiring pupil community, brimming with excitement for the future, and we cannot shape the concepts and possibilities of what that future can be without them. In all walks of life, we look for strong leadership and clarity, but creativity and reimagination must come from this next generation and they must be given the tools to achieve this.Wishing you all a most relaxing weekend – I know that many of your children are looking forward to a dose of fresh air as they undertake the Big Garden Birdwatch!

Mr Peter Thacker