Headmaster’s Notes: Harvesting what we sow

2nd October 20

We have enjoyed a healthy focus on Harvest this week and we have been reminding the children how fortunate they are and how important it is to share what we have with others. Thank you for instilling this message at home too – I have been overwhelmed at the generosity of parents and pupils as we have gathered food donations for the local community.  Our support of Winchester Basics Bank will help those in difficult circumstances in the community who require food and clothing, particularly when the number of seven-day food parcels given out has doubled to over 400 per month.

We are fortunate to be located in the breath-taking farmland of the Itchen Valley, are so we take the opportunity to look outwards and reflect upon the work done by our farmers. Harvest is a time to listen, connect, reflect, and consider our place in the community and what it means to belong, be challenged and inspired. Education at Prince’s Mead continues regardless of the challenges we face and I see many parallels with farming on this front. They have to learn to be flexible, to be adaptable, get up every day with important tasks that cannot be delayed. It doesn’t matter whether they’re feeling gloomy or upbeat; there are animals to be fed and crops to be looked after. We are proud to support our farmers and this is just one of the reasons why we source our food from within a 10-mile radius of Prince’s Mead.

Whilst we also support others less fortunate than ourselves this harvest time, I do hope that this weekend you have an opportunity to rejoice in the food that is grown on our doorsteps, tasting a part of Britain’s heritage, and supporting our farmers who maintain the beautiful countryside around us.