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Headmaster’s Notes: The language of mankind

28th May 21

Although it seems only a matter of a few weeks since Easter, a great deal has been achieved here at Prince’s Mead in so many areas. I have witnessed some extraordinary talent across the whole school, in academic work, creative writing, on cricket pitches, in musical performances, and even sausage-making, to name but a few!

One of my favourite times of the Prince’s Mead academic year is our Music Festival. There has been a real vibrancy in the Mirror Room this last week, with so many different competitions taking place; with stunning solos, instrumentals, and choir performances, as well as the multitude of timetabled specialist peripatetic lessons continuing behind the scenes. As the universal language of mankind, music is truly thriving in our Prince’s Mead community. There is a special benefit from learning a musical instrument as a young child and a great deal of evidence to demonstrate the correlation between music learning and enhanced abilities in a range of areas. I know from experience that standing on the stage and performing in front of peers is not an easy thing to do, yet each child has shown great courage in doing so. I am so proud of each and every one.

I am sure that your children are all in need of a much-needed break, after an invigorating Prince’s Mead Festival of Education over this last fortnight. I do hope that you have a happy half term and I look forward to all that is ahead in the last few weeks of this academic year.

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Mr Peter Thacker