Headmaster’s Notes: ‘Tis the season to be jolly

13th December 19

Kids dressed up in Christmas Nativity Play costumes.

As we woke up to those General Election results this morning, weary candidates from our own Prince’s Mead Mock Election were coming to terms with their results after a well-fought campaign; tempting voters with ‘more sausage rolls’, ‘homework-free birthdays’ et al. Thank you to our Returning Officers for their extraordinary work in counting the votes of every pupil and they were pleased to report no spoilt ballots. In certain constituencies around the school, we were reassured to see pupils firmly rejecting chocolate bribes (most of the time) and congratulations to the Leader of the Conservative Party and our new Prime Minister, Cecilia!

In between these hard fought campaigns, it has been a busy final week for us at Prince’s Mead and we are so grateful to you as parents for all of your support. It has been fantastic to see you at the various Christmas and musical performances and I know you that have been working hard getting your children to the right place at the right time and wearing the right costume! We have really enjoyed being able to share these performances with you after weeks of practising.

I hope that you would agree with me that it has been a very positive term for Prince’s Mead. Our new families have settled in very happily and occasions such as the PMA Fireworks last month, Cathedral Carol Service last week or Christmas Concert on Wednesday have been wonderful events for the school community to gather together. It has been a pleasure to witness pupils thriving academically, in the Pre-Prep and the Prep. Field trips have enriched pupils’ learning whilst also being tremendous fun.  Our boys and girls sports teams have enjoyed some real challenge but also considerable success. These and other such opportunities have enabled each and every one of our pupils to flourish and fulfil the extraordinary potential they have.

I know that all the pupils are looking forward to a proper rest over the holidays; however do be reassured that they have promised me that they will do all that they can to be as helpful as possible around the house! Thank you once again for all your support over the past term; may I wish you all a very happy Christmas and we look forward to warmly welcoming you back in the New Year.

Peter Thacker