Headmaster’s Notes: We smile because it happened

18th July 22

We smile because it happened

Speech Day is always a special occasion to draw the school community together for one more time and it was a pleasure to celebrate the achievements of all at Prince’s Mead this morning. It has been a very special year with examination success, a number of unbeaten sports teams, creative opportunities for music, art and drama, funds raised for charities, exciting field trips, and a return to normality!  Such achievements reflect the remarkable talent and enthusiasm of every one of our pupils here and the dedication and commitment of the staff who support them.

We are very sorry to say farewell to all our leavers, who can all look back on happy memories here, friends made for life and fully equipped for the fresh opportunities that lie ahead in their senior schools and we wish them the best. We are also immensely grateful to their parents who have been such faithful, generous and enthusiastic supporters of the school over many years and we hope that you will remain very much in touch with us in the future.

Thank you to you all for your tremendous support of us all at Prince’s Mead and to all the staff for being such an inspiration to the children here.

Thank you for putting your faith in me and giving me the chance to serve your children as their Headmaster. As I depart today, I shall continue to be so very proud of them and all that they will do in the future, living up to the faith that has been placed in them and the sacrifices that have been made for them, to make the most of their many gifts and talents. Prince’s Mead is a School of aspiration and opportunity and I hope that every young girl and boy coming through our doors knows for sure that there are no limits to what they can achieve.

Mr Peter Thacker