Headmaster’s Notes: A glimpse beyond Prince’s Mead

24th September 19

In the midst of another very busy week, many of our senior children have been busy preparing for this term’s round of senior school assessment days and doing their very best to remain calm and collected for their interviews. I always look forward to playing my part in preparing pupils for the rigours of the interview and I feel an enormous sense of pride in sending them off for the next stage of their education. On the other side of this journey, I travel to Downe House this evening for the Enrolment of Scholars’ Dinner to celebrate one of our record number of scholars of the last academic year as she is formally welcomed into the Downe House community as a Music Scholar.

Thank you to all of the Prince’s Mead Association who met on Monday evening in preparation for another year of tireless commitment to the School. I feel very fortunate indeed to have an amazing team of parents who give up so much of their time for the benefit of pupils, parents and staff, whilst at the same time raising money for some very worthy causes.

Prioritising a selfless attitude towards others is vital. At Prince’s Mead, we encourage our children to develop the fundamental values of courtesy, kindness, empathy and good old-fashioned manners, as I know that you do at home. Trusting others is also key and this was the focus of our Friday Prayers this morning. I feel very fortunate to lead a school where trusting the experience and judgement of staff is so highly valued, as was in evidence during our numerous Parent Curriculum evenings this week.

We have a busy weekend to look forward with our Early Years Activity Morning on Saturday, specifically geared towards our younger visitors. We will have a Reception class ready for fun and games with our teachers and it will be a great opportunity for visitors to meet key staff.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

Mr Peter Thacker