Leadership Opportunities

Prince’s Mead Head Boy and Girl

Michaelmas Term 2023

Head BoyNed
Head GirlLivia

We are very proud of our Year 6 Head Girls and Boys this year. They have shown true leadership and have been a huge asset to the school. Congratulations to each of them.


Following pupil elections Prince’s Mead launched an Eco-Committee in January 2019, a pupil led programme that is due to take the lead on a new school initiative to help manage and preserve our precious environment surrounding the school and beyond.

The Eco-Committee is responsible for carrying out an initial Environmental Review and for preparing an Action Plan for the whole school to engage in.

Regular meetings, take place at least twice per term to discuss environmental action for the school. Pupils chair these meetings, carry out the minuting process and actively ensure that the whole school is consulted in the decision-making process.

The Eco-Committee has robust lines of communication to ensure all information, ideas or developments are disseminated throughout the school and these records will be shared at school management meetings, with all classes/year groups and displayed on a new Eco-Schools notice board.

Pupil members of the committee are responsible for bringing ideas from the rest of the pupils to the committee and reporting back results of committee meetings to all the classes or forms in the school.  Key issues will be raised at school assemblies and with the wider community when possible.

Food Committee

Prince’s Mead has an active Food Committee and the membership is open to all pupils from the school community. The Committee runs regularly with a member of staff co-coordinating meetings and the distribution of notes. The Bursar and the Catering Manager also play an active role with the Committee. The function of the Food Committee is to enable the school community to reflect upon the quality of food being provided and to respond to pupils’ ideas about which foods should be served.

Surveys are carried out, opinions are sought and all information about food is shared. The Committee decides on theme days and menus to maintain and generate interest in food across the school. Committee findings are shared in regularly assemblies to continue to encourage new ideas, feedback and suggestions for any food related matters.

The Committee has been influential in advocating healthy food choices and making sure that cultural differences are celebrated and enjoyed as theme days with a special menu. As part of the school curriculum, children are taught that diet is central to health and the committee allows them to establish more control over food choices.