Year 4 at Lepe Beach for a Science Trip

18th June 21

The Year 4 outing to Lepe Beach and Country Park took place on a rainy day in June. The outing supports the Geography syllabus about coasts and the Science curriculum on classifying living things, food chains and caring for the environment. The day involves a seashore safari where the children searched for and identifed sea creatures on the shore.

They also took part in an invertebrate hunt in the woodland area and meadow as well as a walk through the nature reserve and the sensory garden. This is a wonderful nature reserve, home to a wide range of different invertebrate species which they will investigate in order to learn more about the creatures and their habitats. The children also enjoyed a scavenger hunt and beach art challenge.

A fantastic day had by all, even if we got a bit wet!

Mrs Dyson & Mr Murray Walker

Year 4