European Day of Languages

24th September 19

What a great day of fun and inspiration from all over the globe! We celebrated the European Day of Languages and we all wholeheartedly threw ourselves in it.  Thank you everyone for making a great effort. We had children dressed in costumes, colours, football teams and flags to represent a few of the 6000+ languages spoken across the world (not just Europe!).  Our special guest from the Freshwater Theatre Company came in to present two storytelling workshops for all the children.  The children were transfixed throughout the performance (also spoken purely in French).

European Day of Languages is aimed at highlighting the importance of language learning in order to increase understanding of other cultures. It was first set up by the European Council in 2001. Now, it takes place every year on 26th September. It celebrates and promotes language learning and linguistic diversity. There are events and celebrations that including fairs, conferences, school events, workshops, and language taster sessions, that take place across many countries in Europe to mark this day.

Mrs Martin put on a great event for us today. Bravo!

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