Hares of Hampshire 16th July to 25th August Winchester: Prince Fred the leveret!

9th June 22

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We are overjoyed to be part of the Hares of Hampshire public art trail across Winchester and Southampton this summer. our very own Prince Fred is joining his leveret siblings from 16th June in Winchester and you can track him down!

Prince Fred will be placed in a very special venue in Winchester and it is up to everyone to seek him out! He is part of the smaller young hares, the leveret (a young hare) drove (a group of hares) that will be placed together somewhere very significant. Will you let us know if you find him? Keep a look out for the larger, sitting hares that have been designed by incredible local artists including Natasha Hillary, who has painted murals in our school.

You are invited to use #haresofhampshire #princesmeadschool #fredtheleveret if you use Instagram @princesmeadschool



Who is Prince Fred and why did we paint him this way?

Meet Prince Fred, who encapsulates much of Winchester’s regal and magical history and landscape. Fred holds the mysticism of King Arthur, the bravery of King Alfred and the literary creativity of John Keats. His roots are deep within the heart of St Catherine’s Hill where he loves to explore the woods and paddle in the meandering River Itchen. 

Fred’s body depicts the magical energy that fills Winchester. With his historical spell book, passed down from generation to generation, and his weathered magic stick, Fred casts starry spells deep into the midnight blue sky. His typically English wellies stamp amongst the conservation areas where he discovers many special flowers. Each of these holds a special meaning including; the love of the climbing red rose, the sweet memory of a forget-me-not, the sweetness of a Tiger-Lily and the new beginnings that spring from a white Rose.  

Fred is a leveret of great intelligence who calls on wise Latin verse to keep him strong in heart and mind. Yet although he has a heart of gold, he would instantly stand up and defend the weakest with all his might, clutching his father’s sword. He is a born leader who wears his own majestic crown jewels upon his face with immense pride for the whole world to know how great he is.

In a spectacular public art event that will bound across the region for 10 weeks in the summer of 2022, Winchester and Southampton will be brought to life with a drove of Hares and their young Leverets sculptures, creating a free, fun, family-friendly trail of discovery for everyone to enjoy whilst exploring our great cities.


Hares of Hampshire has been created by the wonderful team at The Murray Parish Trust & Wild in Art


We are very proud to be part of this trail and to contribute to the excellent work by The Murray Parish Trust. A charity very close to our hearts at Prince’s Mead School.

Leela Bennett, Head of Marketing