Headmaster’s Notes

1st February 19

Seeing the children playing with their teachers in fresh snowfall this morning in the most inspirational setting was a timely reminder of how important it is to appreciate the here and now; to enjoy the simple things, to laugh, to play and to enjoy being a child. As adults we understand the fragility of life and how quickly time can catch up with us. All too soon the thought of getting cold and wet in the snow does not feature highly on our list of priorities – I hope not yet!

From the playing fields to the Board Room, I am delighted to welcome Mr Christopher Lowe to our Board of Governors. Mr Lowe has lived in Winchester since 1982 and has three daughters; all of whom attended Prince’s Mead in the past. He is currently a Partner of EY, leading and founding its Capital and Debt Advisory group.  In addition, he leads his firm’s relationships with Workspace Group, Endless, Lloyds Development Capital and Epiris Private Equity. Prior to EY, Mr Lowe started his career at BAE Systems and has worked in investment banking in HSBC and Citigroup. Mr Lowe has a personal commitment to diversity in the workplace, joint working groups with Government bodies, and to agile working and development of new employment. He is a most valuable addition to our Board of Governors, all of whom play such an important role behind the scenes in supporting the school.

After a busy week, do enjoy having fun with your children this weekend; they can teach us a lot about what is important in life. It is what makes teaching at Prince’s Mead such a privilege.