Headmaster’s Notes: A Christmas with meaning

10th December 21

The run up to Christmas within a prep school is full of sounds. There are the sounds of singing and parties, of children laughing, or sitting quietly enjoying being together – sounds that bring hope, or celebration, or joy. Prince’s Mead is no exception.

Our capacity congregation at Winchester Cathedral last week was a demonstration if ever needed, that, beyond those angelic voices, Christmas is more than merely a trimming served up within our school community. The service was a reminder of what is at the heart of our Advent preparations at Prince’s Mead. The birth of Jesus, so movingly recounted in the gospels of Luke and Matthew, is a birth celebrated because of a life and a death, and a victory over death. Next week, we will share in the joys of the Nativity, a familiar and expressive representation of Christmas: the fragile simplicity of a small new-born, the meekness of where He lies, and the tender affection of the swaddling clothes, interspersed – we hope – with all the innate entertainment that our pupils will bring us! With a sense of fun, we also look forward to our Carol Concert and Christmas lunch; mulled wine, Brussel sprouts et al.

Our reflections on the birth of Jesus at this stage of the term also remind us of the plight of children in today’s world less fortunate than ourselves. We understand that the world does not stop because it is Christmas. My sincere thanks must go to you all for your kindness, not only with children’s parcels for HomeStart-Hampshire, but also for your generous food packages in support of Winchester Basics.

I am reminded that the light we are celebrating this Christmas season shines all year at Prince’s Mead and is difficult to be extinguished. Wishing you a very happy third Sunday of Advent to you all.

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Mr Peter Thacker