Headmaster’s Notes: If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.

31st January 20

As Britain formally leaves the European Union at 11.00pm this evening, we are reminded of Kipling’s words that, “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten”. Without doubt this event of national significance will be etched into the history books accompanied, I am sure, with a colourful array of stories. We learnt in Friday Prayers this morning what a busy few days it has been with our own preparations for National Story Telling Week (albeit of a different nature) that begins on Monday. There is much to look forward to with story telling enjoying even greater prominence across the curriculum as we continue to fire the imaginations of all our pupils. Imaginations were certainly alight today as Year 2 enjoyed Pirate Day – a highlight of their calendar!

In between a number of exciting events next week, we open our doors for our Lent Term Open Day; an opportunity for us to welcome the wider community as pupils proudly show visitors around our School. The last few weeks have been remarkably busy on the Admissions front; word is evidently out about Hampshire’s best kept secret! As Headmaster, it lifts my spirit day in day out as I witness children flourishing on all fronts and I know that you, as parents, would echo this wholeheartedly, and thus all the more affirming when visitors to the school sense this so clearly too.

I do hope that your children also come home from Prince’s Mead each day with ‘a spring in their step’. School life is pretty full on for any Prince’s Mead pupil, as they balance academic commitments alongside sport, music, drama and other extra-curricular interests. At the same time, our pupils seem to find the passion and enthusiasm to give nothing but their best in all of these areas. It is wonderful to see happy children leaving school at the end of the day, having made the most of the array of opportunities on offer and enjoyed all that they take part in.

With the Six Nations Rugby to look forward to, I hope that you have a most enjoyable weekend.

Mr Peter Thacker