Headmaster’s Notes: Lifting the lid on Christmas

29th November 19

boy in go kart

This week we have seen the Sports Hall in full use, with choir and nativity rehearsals in between those sports sessions of course. With some of the weather we have experienced this week we are so grateful for this fantastic space and for the talent to fill it! Amongst the hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget the reason for Christmas and I hope that some of our performances over the next fortnight give you time to reflect on this message as we head towards this very special time.

Whilst music at Prince’s Mead is taking centre stage at this time of the year, we must not forget all the brilliant achievements and challenges in sport across the school as celebrated in Friday Prayers this morning. We have enjoyed some fantastic efforts in swimming, football, hockey, rugby and netball this term and I have been particularly impressed with how our pupils have tried their best and been true sports men and women whatever the outcome, congratulating the opposition and listening to advice from their coaches.

Off the pitch, I am also extremely grateful for our team of willing parents who serve tirelessly on the PMA and who always put on such fantastic fundraising events throughout the year. Pupils are certainly looking forward to the PMA Christmas ‘Circus Skills’ treat on 7th December. I slightly feared walking a tightrope this morning with our Class Reps meeting – a helpful opportunity to hold the Headmaster to account! It was in fact a real pleasure to meet with our reps and I was very grateful for the opportunity to feedback on a number of important areas raised. I am always very grateful for your valuable feedback across the breath of areas of school life that we covered as we continue to work tirelessly as a community to make Prince’s Mead an even more magical place for our children.

For those attending, I am very much looking forward to seeing you at our Winchester Cathedral service on Thursday if not before. I expect to see a wonderful splash of red whizzing around the ice-rank thereafter!

Mr Peter Thacker, Headmaster