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Headmaster’s Notes: Perseverance, secret of all triumphs

26th February 21

Not dissimilar to NASA’s extraordinary success in the landing of Perseverance on Mars last week, Britain’s vaccine programme is a triumph of scientific and human endeavour that has offered us all a path to advancement, starting on the 8th March with our most important national business: education in school.

I have marvelled at how the Prince’s Mead community has navigated the rather featureless landscape synonymous with lockdown up until now with so many creative initiatives that have come to the fore, have inspired, and been embraced throughout with the trademark determination of our children, teachers and parents. Nonetheless, we will all be feeling online fatigue and the Prime Minister’s announcement this week could not have come soon enough.

We know what we have been deprived of and we are now just a week away from savouring the acute delight of everything we once took for granted with a Prince’s Mead education. I very much look forward to seeing many of you next week to talk you through the meticulous planning that is underway to ensure our children’s safe return.

Synonymous with the season, Prince’s Mead is about to spring into life in more ways than one. There are banks of snowdrops around the school grounds and daffodils lining the driveway; all perfectly timed to welcome back all who are most precious to us.

We have a tumult of happiness ahead of us.

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Mr Peter Thacker