Headmaster’s Notes: The cycles of life

18th March 22

As I write these notes whilst enjoying a stunning view of Gray’s Wood from the Headmaster’s study, I am reminded that the leaves children witnessed gently falling to its forest floor throughout the beginning of this academic year now help to sustain the new life that is beginning to awaken there this spring.

Despite the rain and easterly winds blowing strong and cold through those trees this week, the sunshine children have enjoyed at the end of this week serve as a reminder that springtime is the crown of the year at Prince’s Mead. Since time immemorial, this season has been viewed as the epitome of promise and renewal. What better time, therefore, to welcome Headmaster Elect, Mr Adam King, to the School community. I am sure those of you who had the opportunity to meet him this morning left feeling confident that everything you hold dear to your hearts at Prince’s Mead is in excellent hands as he articulated his ethos and vision as the School enters the next phase of its history in September. Nature’s systems are endlessly cyclical and regenerative, with times of growth and abundance and I am conscious that Prince’s Mead shares many parallels at this time, well beyond what we witness in Gray’s Wood. We look forward to welcoming back Mr King and his wife, Claire, for further opportunities to engage with members of our community before their arrival in the new academic year.

With a Lenten moon to enjoy this evening, and a glorious forecast this weekend, I have been encouraging children to connect with the season of Spring as we all reflect on those emerging new shoots at Prince’s Mead.

Mr Peter Thacker