Headmaster’s Notes: The science of today is the technology of tomorrow

4th December 20

Science and technology continue to be a major focus for education and industry in the UK, as highlighted this week by the news that we are the first western country to approve a Covid vaccine. This coincided with news that a British artificial intelligence company has shown that it can compute the shapes that proteins fold into; a once-in-a-generation advance unlocking a window into the machinery of life. The developments in the analysis of genes, proteins, and the like, due to advanced computer technology, will change the world more than any of us can imagine.

This week, the post-Covid landscape begins to be defined. Engineering and science are certainly considered to be future proof options most likely to lead to an enduring and adaptable career. At Prince’s Mead, we are conscious of our responsibility to educate and inspire and to continue to develop a sustainable science, technology, engineering, and mathematics culture as a 21st-century school. Future-proofing your child’s education is an ever-evolving process and this week’s developments beyond the school gates demonstrate how technology and innovation are disrupting not only banking but traditional Research and Development undertaken by pharmaceutical firms. Whilst we look to an end to the biological disruption the country has experienced this year, we are readying children to harness a new blend of technological disruption for the better.

In the meantime, we do hope you enjoy some uplifting spiritual fulfillment with our Carol Service that we took part in at Prince’s Mead this afternoon. The discipline and merriment of making this film offered children as much reward as we had in watching it.

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Mr Peter Thacker