PMA Challenge 70 – A sponsored event to raise funds

18th June 21

This summer, we are delighted to be celebrating the 70th (belated) birthday of Prince’s Mead moving to Worthy Park House.
As part of this celebration, we are raising money to buy some really exciting resources for the school – Pre-Prep (including nursery) will raise money for items for their part of
the school and Prep for their part. We are asking pupils, staff and parents to challenge themselves to do 70 of something and get sponsored for it.
The challenge takes place from Saturday 29th May until Wednesday 30th June. You can complete your challenge in any way you like – over one day, each week or the month. We
will also be running a friendly competition between Pre Prep (including nursery) and Prep to see which part of the school can raise the most money –the winner will be announced
at Friday Prayers on 2nd July – may the challenge begin!
For example, you could:
Do –  70 star jumps, bake 70 cakes for friends, pick up 70 pieces of litter, build 70 lego creations, complete 70 laps of your village / local area, talk to
a relative who lives on their own for 70 Minutes.
We have set up two GoFundMe Pages – so please send the correct link to those sponsoring you and they can donate directly via the website.
Pre Prep (including nursery) – 
Once you have completed your challenge please complete the below and take it into your form teacher by Wednesday 30st June.
Have fun!