Prince’s Mead donates £2,321 to HART Wildlife Rescue, benefiting Alton’s Animal Hospital

20th October 23

In a heart-warming display of community support and philanthropy, Prince’s Mead school has demonstrated its commitment to wildlife conservation and animal welfare by donating £2,321 to HART Wildlife Rescue. The donation will help fund essential services provided by the Alton-based wildlife hospital, offering crucial support to the region’s injured and orphaned wildlife.

HART Wildlife Rescue, based in Alton, Hampshire, has been providing vital assistance to sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife for over 26 years. The charity’s dedicated team of volunteers works tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, and release animals, from hedgehogs to owls and beyond.

The generous contribution came from families at Prince’s Mead, demonstrating a collective effort to make a positive impact on the local environment. The school has a long history of community involvement and a strong commitment to instilling values of kindness, respect, and environmental stewardship in its pupils.

The £2,321 donation, which was presented to HART Wildlife Rescue on Friday 20th October, represents the results of various fundraising activities organised by the school and the Prince’s Mead Association.

HART Wildlife Rescue’s Manager, Robyn Leslie, expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the donation, emphasising the impact it will have on their work. “We are tremendously thankful for the generosity of Prince’s Mead and its community,” she said. “This donation will go a long way in helping us provide care to the injured and orphaned wildlife that come to our doors. We rely entirely on donations to continue our mission, and this contribution will directly improve the lives of countless animals in need.”

Prince’s Mead Head, Adam King, echoed the sentiments of the entire school community, saying, “We are delighted to support HART Wildlife Rescue and the incredible work they do. It’s essential to instil a sense of responsibility towards our environment and the welfare of animals in our pupils. This donation is just one step towards making a positive change in our community, and we’re proud to be a part of it.”

The donation represents an example of how local communities can come together to make a difference. If you’d like to find out more about HART Wildlife Rescue or donate then please visit