The Duke Awards

5th December 19

Children from Years 1 – 6 are now in possession of their Duke Award books. Further to my assembly
earlier in the year, the Duke Awards are a scheme of 10 components designed to foster resilience and
independence in children. This programme is voluntary and runs independently to the school curriculum,
although the skills developed are priceless. Children will be mentored in small groups by an adult at school
who will assess them and speak with them about their progress through the various components in each

The Duke Awards are running throughout the year so each child will have more than enough time
to complete the level they are on. Children have to complete at least 7 of the 10 components to be awarded their certificate and badge, the latter of which they can wear on their school uniform. The Duke Award levels and the year groups they pertain to are outlined below.

Year 1 – Mini Duke Silver
Year 2 – Mini Duke Gold
Year 3 – Junior Duke Bronze
Year 4 – Junior Duke Silver
Year 5 – Junior Duke Gold
Year 6 – Junior Duke Platinum

It is important that children complete various components as independently as possible. Please do
be on hand however to snap photographs which will need to be printed and stuck into the books, along
with a written reflection by the children, to provide evidence of their skill whether it be making their bed,
swimming, making soup, budgeting or planting a tree. Please remind your children to look after their book
and make sure they come home in school bags so you can have a flip through and see what is in store for
them. The books only need come into school on assessor days or when your child has a skill they would like “ticked off”.

Mr Thomas & Mr Arkley