U8 Football Legends

16th November 18

For years Mr Mac has dreamt of seeing Prince’s Mead lift the Daneshill Trophy.  For years he’d witnessed countless teams come close.  Stories turned into legends.  He wondered if the day would ever come.  Until…

Until last Friday, when, after a slow, sluggish nil-nil start, he witnessed something truly magnificent unfold before his eyes.  Goal after goal rained in on the opposition.  Tackles went flying.  Mud and leaves everywhere.  A path to the final was ploughed.

And there sat the trophy, within reach once again.  But this time, this time was different.  We knew we could do it, and do it we did.  Winning 2-1 in the final, conceding our only goal of the afternoon.  The trophy was ours.  And with tears in Mr Mac’s eyes, we became LEGENDS.

Final Score:  Prince’s Mead – Daneshill Tournament Winners