“A huge thank you to everyone for providing such an experience and a solid positive foundation to our sons personal development. It is a wonderful school. I mentioned the magic of the school we felt when we first joined and that feeling has remained throughout. The senior school has a lot to live up to!”

There is such a sense of community at Prince’s Mead School that we often see our past pupils returning for our Parent Association (PMA) social events, the occasional Friday Prayers, and even coming in to help out at the school.

There are a variety of PMA and school events that past pupils and their families are invited to and we have also organised reunions for each year group following their A-level Exams.

We also like to continue to celebrate the achievements of past pupils. While we specifically invite pupils back so we can award sports and music awards to those who have gone on to reach the high levels in these fields we love to hear about the successes of our past pupils across all aspects of life.

If you have anything that you would like us to celebrate then please email and we can include it in our Alumni News.