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  • Sport at Prince's Mead


Prince's Mead is at the forefront of modern sports development practice. We have developed and implemented a programme of transferable skills education that enables all of our children to build a foundation of skills that can be used in all sports. This allows the children to be confident and competent in any sport they choose to try.

Once a solid foundation is achieved the children then experience a huge range of sports, both team and individual, in order to put their skills into practice.

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Our facilities are outstanding. Great investment in the development of the facilities has resulted in some of the best sporting facilities in Hampshire. They include more than 10 acres of some of the best grass playing areas in the county, a multi-purpose sports centre, indoor cricket nets, two brand new dual use tennis and netball courts, a traversing wall, and two exemplary cricket pitches all set in the most beautiful area of the Itchen Valley.

We make use of the excellent technology at our disposal to add value to our lessons, especially to assist in the analysis of skill performance. 

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